Marinated Olives

marinated olives

We love snack trays in our house.  Cut up veggies, some crackers, cut up apples and grapes, nuts, hummus, cheese or other spreads, and pickles make for a perfect snack for the kids after school or for a happy hour tray for the adults!  We’ve even put them together for super easy “serve yourself” kind of lunches or dinners on the weekends.  And I have one new addition to the trays- Homemade Marinated Olives! Now, you’ve all seen the amazing[Read more]

School Lunch Packing 101

School is back in session, and in our house, that means mama is packing lunches every day for my Brantley girl.  When Brantley was in kindergarten last year, I made her lunch ev-er-y-day, and though I started out excited to pack lunches, by the end of the year, my poor girl was getting whatever I could scrounge up in the pantry and the fridge.  But this year, I was determined to fix that! I plan out all our family’s dinners[Read more]

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