Meal Plan Monday

Hello Friends!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Here’s what we’ve got on the menu for our dinners this week: Chicken and Black Bean Tostadas I love Mexican food, and this weight watchers recipe sounds so good, while not being so heavy!  Plus, I think the kids will like them since they’re like little pizzas! Sloppy Joes and French Fries I need a few easy recipes this week since it’s going to be a busy one, so I’m gonna throw[Read more]

Friday Favorites

TGIF!  I really can’t complain too much about this week; it wasn’t particularly busy, but isn’t it just a relief to know the weekend is right around the corner anyway?  Today I thought I’d share some more of my favorites as of late, in keeping with my Friday Favorites theme! Favorite Frozen Yogurt and Toppings: Yoforia Pomegranate and Pineapple Yogurts with mango, kiwi, blueberries and strawberries During Bennett’s #onlychildweekend last weekend while the girls were having fun in Aiken, we[Read more]

What I Wore Wednesday

I want to be better about keeping up with my WIWW posts, because it keeps me accountable and  inspires me to make intentional choices when it comes to my closet (and helps me weed things out for donating/consigning!). I also want to consistently post WIWWs because I get such great responses and encouragement from these posts!  So, thank you!  I’ll try my very best to do better! I only have one outfit to share today (better than nothing, right?): Can’t[Read more]

Meal Plan…Tuesday

Hello Friends!  Due to my exciting news yesterday, I decided to postpone my weekly meal plan schedule until today.  So without further ado, here’s what we’ll be eating this week! Bacon and Bean Soup and Dinner Rolls  We were actually going to have this for dinner on Friday night, but sadly, I burnt the shit out of it on the stove.  Ooops.  #keepingtreal  I had it simmering (aka boiling like hell), thinking all was fine (I have had a cold,[Read more]

The NEW Goat & Lulu!

Tah-dah!!  Welcome to the new Goat & Lulu!!  I have been working hard on lots of changes for Goat & Lulu in 2015, and am so excited to finally be unrolling a few of them! First things first…a new blog!!  I will continue to keep active for the forseable future so that old posts can still be accessed, but I will be posting here, at, from now on!  I have switched over to a WordPress format, so please[Read more]

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