Ben’s Third Birthday

Saturday a week ago, our sweet little prince turned three!  I decided this year that we would forgo a big shindig as was our standard for the last several years, and just have a small family get-together, and head to the ZOO! My precious boy ready for the zoo! We met my parents, my in-laws, and my brother, sister in law, and niece Sally Kate there at the zoo to celebrate with us.  First stop, the flamingos! Ben is so[Read more]

Five Things

Hellllllllooooooooo Friday!  Glad to see you after this crazy week.  Here’s my five things from this week… Cheerleader Brantley This little cutie is loving cheerleading!!  We had two games this week, Monday night and Tuesday night, which was pretty tough (as soon as she got home from school on Wednesday, she said she just wanted to get in her jammies and lay down!), but she really enjoys learning cheers and being out there with her friends.  And I’m pretty sure[Read more]

50 Things I’m Bad At

Nobody is perfect.  Despite the neat and clean Instagram pic of the playroom, all the unorganized toys are pushed out of view.  Despite the homemade dinner on the Facebook feed, 2  days worth of dishes sit in the sink.  Let’s all shout it together!  NOBODY IS PERFECT!  That means YOU!  And it certainly means me.  And I tell ya, if there is anything at all that we have all have in common, it’s that we are all trying to make[Read more]

Five Things

Through another week! Isn’t it funny that just making it to Friday nowadays, no matter how ragged and out of breath I am, seems to be a huge accomplishment!  Everyone’s exhausted and cranky, the house is a mess, dinner ends up being frozen pizza or PBJ’s, but HALLELUJAH, at least the weekend is here.  Here are five things from this week for your viewing pleasure… 🙂 The Anywhere Skirt I just have to sew on the buttons, and then I[Read more]

Five Things

TGIF, my friends.  Was this the longest short week or what??  Here are five quick things I am sharing this Friday because… I’m sick AGAIN I thought after my bout with a double ear infection, bronchitis, and strep throat in July, I might stay healthy for a while, but alas, I just came home from the doc with another round of antibiotics and steroids for my new case of strep and my post-infection cough.  Can I get a break around here???  Ben[Read more]

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

So first of all, I am a huge idiot.  After we drop Brantley off around 8:15 each morning, we have about an hour to spare before we drop Gracie (and Ben on Tuesdays and Thursdays) at preschool.  So this morning, we hit the Starbucks before heading to preschool.  The line was forever long since #1, it was raining and it’s always busier when it’s raining, and #2 the Pumpkin Spice Latte has declared that fall has begun and is available to order[Read more]

Back to (Pre)School!

Tuesday was Gracie and Ben’s first day of preschool this year.  Ever since Brantley started school waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of August, Gracie has asked me nearly every day if she was going to school that day.  They have both been so excited, and the day finally came! Ben is my only child that is a morning person, but even he was pretty tired on Tuesday morning! “Ben, do you know what today is???” “YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!”[Read more]

Weekend Review

Today my middle baby and baby baby start preschool, so to distract me from the fact that I no longer have actual babies in my house, and though I am SO READY for them to go to school yet I am still super teary, I’m going to tell you about the awesome weekend we just had! Last Wednesday the 19th was mine and Scott’s 9th wedding anniversary.  For the last several years, we have not really bought each other gifts, but instead[Read more]

Friday- Week in Review

Whew!  FRIDAY.  Amiright?  We are ready for the weekend around here.  I thought I’d just share a few things that were happening in our world this week.  Other than counting down to today! Back to School 2.0 Brantley went back to school on August 5th, but Grayson and Bennett finally start school on Tuesday!  We had Open House last night, and both were so excited, have a few friends in their class, and are IN LOVE with their teachers.  Ben[Read more]

School Lunch Packing 101

School is back in session, and in our house, that means mama is packing lunches every day for my Brantley girl.  When Brantley was in kindergarten last year, I made her lunch ev-er-y-day, and though I started out excited to pack lunches, by the end of the year, my poor girl was getting whatever I could scrounge up in the pantry and the fridge.  But this year, I was determined to fix that! I plan out all our family’s dinners[Read more]

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