Little Things

Everyone has those days when you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and nothing goes right, me included.  I am trying to focus on the good instead of getting bogged down in the bad (though I have only been moderately successful thus far), because not all days are good, but there is good in everyday, right?  So I am trying to be thankful for all the small things in life that make every day good.  Here[Read more]

Cheers to Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  It has been a long week, I am worn out, and ready for a lazy Friday night, and sleeping in tomorrow morning!  It’s a little early for a cocktail quite yet (though I am counting down the minutes), but here’s what I am saying CHEERS! to today! Cheers to a cozy weekend INSIDE with a fire, magnatiles, jammies, movies, and snuggling!  Despite this big snowstorm that’s forecasted for everyone else, nothing much is likely to happen in[Read more]

Midweek Randoms

Since I haven’t posted much lately, I’ve had a bunch of random things running through my head, but not much so important to devote an entire post to.  So here’s some randoms from our life lately…   The start of my December blog hiatus was this.  We lost our beloved Monkey on November 30th.  We were shocked and unprepared, and it just set December off on the wrong foot.  It kind of robbed us of our typical holiday spirit, and[Read more]

Midweek Randoms (aka Hello Wednesday)

Hello Friends.  So, last week was quite the doozy.  We had fastball after fastball thrown at us, and by the end of the week, I wasn’t leaning in to take the big swings.  I was just turning my back to the ball and covering my head, and taking the pelts, over and over.  But we’re halfway through the week before Thanksgiving, which means my to-do list is five miles long, and my brain has to be locked and engaged if I want[Read more]

Hello Monday

After a fun holiday weekend, we are saying hello to a brand new week (and month!)! Hello November! WOW…seriously cannot believe that we are in NOVEMBER already!!  Pretty pumped about a month filled to the brim with football, family, fun, and my husband’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!  But I do have to say that we finished October off with a bang! Last Thursday was Bennett’s first, and Grayson’s last, Harvest Festival at their preschool.  As always, it was precious, and so[Read more]

Happy Friday!

Whew!  TGIF, y’all!  We are harvest festival-ed and trunk or treated out after yesterday, but ready to do it all over again tomorrow on Halloween!  The kids are so excited and I am pumped to pick all the delicious chocolate out of their bags after they go to bed, hahaha! I’ll share more about our Halloween activities next week, but for now, be safe and have a wonderful and Happy Halloween!

Hello Fall Break!

As of yesterday, we are on FALL BREAK!  Since we started school clear back in the middle of the summer, we have been needing a little break to recharge, and I love that our school system takes a lovely break right before things amp up for the holidays.  So we started our fall break fun on Saturday, and took the kids to our local theater (where we saw Memphis the Musical a few months ago), and attended one of their[Read more]

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