Friday Favorites: Instant Pot Recipes

This week going back to school after 2 1/2 weeks off has about killed us all!  It has been a little tough getting back into the swing of things- bedtimes and routines, work schedules and carpool lines, we are all worn out!  But here I am, with one more post this week, about the one thing that has saved dinner this week- my new Instant Pot! I was so happy to get an Instant Pot for Christmas this year!  If[Read more]

Things I Like

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Friday, friends!  We have the day off from school today, so my trio is home and we are relaxing in our jammies and making cards for our favorite veteran, my husband, Scott!  The kids are beginning to understand what Veteran’s Day means, and are SO proud to have one as their very own Daddy! So I thought I’d get back to another little series I started a while back- just a list of things I[Read more]

Five on Friday: Fall Break

Happy Friday, friends!  AND HAPPY FALL BREAK to my local friends!!  We have been SO READY for a nice break from school, and I swear, I feel like we just barely made it!  We have been working so hard, worn out, and just ready to not have a tight schedule to keep for the next week, at least!  And I thought that I hadn’t done a 5 on Friday link up in a lonnnnnnnng time, and decided to drop a[Read more]

Friday Favorites

Whew!  What a week (I feel like I say that every week?)!  With school starting for the two little ones, two football games to cheer for, lots of work being done for our businesses, and everything in between, we are pretty ready for the weekend.  Thought I’d share some of my favorite things as of late, for a Friday Favorites post! Favorite Planner: Plum Paper Designs 2015 Planner I have tried and tried and tried to use a digital calendar[Read more]

Friday Favorites

Hello and TGIF!  Four out of five posts this week isn’t too bad, and much better than in past weeks!  I thought I would go back to my old Friday theme, and list four of my favorite things on this lovely Friday.     Favorite One-Serving Dessert: Chocolate Mug Cake The mug cake trend is a powerful one round these parts.  What to do when you’re craving something sweet, and chocolaty, but it’s 11:00 and yo’re out of candy and[Read more]

Friday Favorites: Spring Break

Last week was our first real Spring Break, with Brantley in school full-time, and MAN did we need it!  We had been running on fumes for a few weeks, and needed a break.  So we took advantage of our week off, and went on a few fun adventures.  For my Friday Favorites today, I’m sharing my favorite things from Spring Break 2015! Trip to Blue Ridge! Scott was headed to Indiana on Monday morning, so we headed out of town[Read more]

Friday Favorites

I knew this week was going to be busy, but WHOA!!  We had three Easter Egg Hunts, an Easter Party, I had a doctor’s appointment, a membership drive for my MOMS group, a checkup for Bennett, I mean, you name it and we did it this week.  I was in the car all day yesterday running around town and I am just BEAT today.  Thankfully, though, today is the first day of our SPRING BREAK!!  Whoo-hoo!  Probably haven’t been this[Read more]

Friday Favorites: Bennett

Happy Friday!  SOO glad it’s the end of this week; I am exhausted.  Ready for a fun weekend of soccer and a visit from Nana and Pop!  Most exciting, Scott is back in town for the upcoming week (insert emoji of girl with her hands thrown up in the air!!)!!  So as long as we get through today, we’ll be golden. Today I’m sharing a little video of my Ben, and a few of his favorite things.  He clearly has food[Read more]

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  After a week of nap boycotts (I’m looking at you, Ben) and crazy Daylight Savings Time sleep schedules, everyone in our house is pretty tired and ready for the weekend.  And extra bonus, today is a Teacher Workday, so nobody has school today!!  Hooray!!  I’m pretty sure mama is always the most excited person in the household when there’s no school.  So we’re pumped for a three day weekend, which includes a fun playdate, soccer,  birthday parties,[Read more]

Friday Favorites

TGIF, friends!  This week has drug by for me, mainly because, mine and Scott’s long-awaited adults only weekend away is finally here!  Scott and I have our bags packed, and we’re headed to Savannah, in the car by ourselves without We-Sing playing in the CD player or a Disney movie in the DVD player!  I have a bag of magazines to look through, and nobody to steal my candy.  We are so excited!!!  A short getaway is long overdue for[Read more]

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