Mask Sewing Tutorial

Here is the link to the pattern I used:

I printed the pattern on cardstock so that it would be a little more durable for use multiple times!

Fold your fabric so that you have four layers, lay down the pattern piece (pin to fabric if needed) and trace the pattern. Cut out so you should have four pieces of the same piece.

Make sure to mark where the elastic goes (noted on the pattern) on the wrong side of your fabric.

Take two of your pattern pieces, put right sides together, and begin to sew down the side where you will insert the elastic, stopping before the mark on your fabric.

Insert your elastic between the two pieces of fabric and lining up the edge of the elastic just past the edge of your fabric, so that you have the top piece of fabric, then the elastic, then the bottom piece of fabric.

Sew over the elastic and backstitch to secure.

Continue sewing until you get to the next mark. Lift up the top piece of fabric and take the loose end of the elastic and line it up just past the edge of your fabric, making sure not to twist it.

Lay the top piece back over the elastic, and sew over it like before. Backstitch to secure and sew the rest of the edge.

Flip the mask piece right side out and your elastic should be secured and attached in a loop.

Repeat for the other two pieces.

You can attach the two mask pieces two different ways. The first is the easiest, but the second is the way I prefer and is really not that much more difficult, and it encloses the seam.

FIRST WAY- Place your two sewn mask pieces together, one on top of the other, matching unfinished edges.

Starting at the top, sew down the unfinished edges, through all four layers of fabric.

Backstitch at the top and bottom to secure. Finish the seam with a zig-zag stitch or serger (don’t judge my dust- I’ll clean my machine later!).

Flip your mask right side out.

OR you can do the SECOND WAY (not both!)- Flip one mask piece right side out and leave one inside out. Place the right side out piece inside the inside out piece, matching the unfinished edges, and matching them up at the seams

Sew around the entire unfinished edge, leaving about two inches to flip.

Pull the mask thorough the section you left open.

Sew the open section closed.

Flip mask right side out. Once your mask is right side out, finish it with a topstitch all the way around to secure the elastic again.

And done!

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