Lutons in Vegas

Two weeks ago, Scott and I were lucky enough to be able to hop a flight to Las Vegas for the week! Supply Chain Now, our business podcast, was broadcasting live from a conference in Vegas, so it was 90% work, but man, did we max out that 10% of fun downtime!

We took off on Monday morning and landed in Vegas (after a very turbulent last 30 minutes and a few in-flight vodka mini-bottles to attempt to calm my nerves) right after lunchtime, so we put our stuff down in our rooms at the Mirage, and went out to explore for a bit!

Our friends and colleagues that we were with are experienced Vegas travelers, so we followed their lead and ran across the street to the Venetian to look through the amazing hotel and shops, and grabbed a bite to eat. And some ice cream! We went back to our hotel, had a few drinks and Scott tried his luck briefly at the roulette table, then we headed back to the room and CRASHED since traveling really took it out of us!

We were up Tuesday morning for breakfast and then set up our booth. Our first interviews weren’t until 2:00, but we busted them out until 5:00, got some drinks, and went out for an amazing sushi dinner. Our hotel had something ridiculous like 20 restaurants, and the sushi (and saki!) was delish.

We were also so lucky to have been gifted tickets to the Cirque de Soleil Beatles LOVE show (which, I did not know, is only able to be seen in Vegas!) from the conference, and it was incredible. The stage was in the center of the theater and seats surrounded it, which was so cool, and made us really close to the stage and able to see everything so well. The colors and the way the stage moved up and down, and all the effects were so, so awesome. Thankfully we had snuck a nap in before we went to the show or I would have never made it through!

Wednesday morning we were up pretty early (though we were up around 3:30 am Vegas time every day- the time change was ROUGH!) and worked a FULLLLLLLL day, spending about 8 hours interviewing some really wonderful people at the conference! But once we were done, we headed to the hotel room, ordered room service, and fell asleep at 8:30! We were so exhausted! But we knew we needed the rest for Thursday!

Thursday we were up and working, and finished about 2:00. We packed up our booth and were out of there, changed clothes, and headed OUT! The whole week, we had the craziest weather for Vegas- we had highs in the 40s and it was windy and freezing!! But by Thursday is was in the 60s and we headed for the strip. We walked down to Cabo Wabo and had taquitos and guacamole and nachos and about 30 margaritas each, lol. We went to the Bellagio and the girls stayed at the bar while the boys went to the tables. Before we went back to the Mirage we walked through Caesar’s Palace too (why not?!) before we turned in for the night.

I feel like we did so much and our days were so full, but OMG was there so much we weren’t able to get to that we wanted to do! Vegas felt like a totally different world, and we had a great time. I guess we’ll just have to go back to do it all!

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