Amazon Faves for Vegas

When I was planning our Las Vegas trip, I knew a couple of things. 1- I needed some new pieces to create a professional Capsule wardrobe since we’d be working the majority of the time and 2- I needed some fun outfits since we would be out at night in VEGAS! I got a few things from Target, a few things from my friend Amy and Evolving Style, and then I took to Amazon and found some great options to round out what I needed for the trip!

First, I needed some new toiletry bags and loved these with a marble look. They were a bit smaller than I was expecting but still kept them since my makeup and charger cords, etc. fit well in them.

I ordered this larger bag too, and removed a few of the inserts, and used it as my toiletry bag. It worked perfectly and looks much more expensive than $19!

V-necklines and wrap styles are usually pretty flattering on me, and this Donna Morgan snakeskin faux wrap dress was beautiful! I wore it to the conference one day and even wore it out that night.

I also wanted a plain black wrap dress, and this one was perfect. Again a faux-wrap style, and super flattering and forgiving. Looked great alone and with a blazer too!

For the flight, I wanted something really comfortable but still a pulled-together, professional look. I LOVE this drapey camel jacket. It’s stretchy and comfy and looked great over a simple black tee (love this one so much), black pants, and black ballet flats.

I liked this outfit so much that I ordered the ruffle tunic and the faux leather black leggings! The tunic is super cute with leggings and with jeans too, and the leggings are VERY flattering- stretchy and comfortable, but also high waisted and suck you in without cutting off your air supply! I wore this out our last night out on the time, and it was Vegas appropriate but also really comfortable.

I also wanted a dressier-dress in case we got the chance to dress up and go out, and though we did, I just wore the snakeskin dress out! I LOVED this super flattering and forgiving red twist dress, but I never wore it on our trip! I think I’ll probably keep it just in case, and since it’s less than $25! I packed these leopard sandals to wear with it and will likely keep them too!

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