What We’ve Been Watching

The kids as they’re watching their shows, not all the ones I have listed below!

We are BIG TV watchers- it’s what we do at night to decompress while we’re working. And I truly think we’re in another golden age of television- there are just SO MANY good shows, documentaries, movies, and even old reruns to watch now! The holidays are such a good time to catch up on shows (especially since football is more or less over except for bowl games and the playoffs), so I thought I’d share some of the shows that I have enjoyed over the past several months. I’d love your suggestions too, if you’ve watched anything you can’t keep to yourself!

Succession (HBO)
SO GOOD! One of the shows Scott and I watched together, and would truly binge several episodes back to back each night (not a big deal for me, but Scott has to really like the show to binge it over and over). It’s about a media mogul who is getting ready to step down from his position, and which one of his children will be succeeding him in control. It’s definitely a drama but is laugh out loud funny at times, and just so smart and unexpected at times. Cannot wait for the next season.

The Irishman (Netflix)
The new Scorsese movie with Robert DeNiro is three and a half hours but doesn’t feel that long. It is good, and worth watching, but honestly, I felt like it was just another kind of typical mobster/gangster movie, and was just fine.

The Crown (Netflix)
I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. A lot of people thought this third season was a little slow, and maybe it was, but this whole show is not some crazy action series, and I thought it was amazing. I especially loved Tobias Menzes as Prince Phillip- I think he totally stole every scene he was in. I was so sad when I got through the whole season, and can’t WAIT for season four!

Schitt’s Creek (Amazon Prime)
I was a little late to the Schitt’s Creek party, but OMG it is the funniest and most feel-good show ever and I am 100% obsessed with it!! Dan Levy is the funniest person alive and Annie Murphy that plays Alexis is my absolute favorite. If you want a really good, funny show to watch- this is it! Laugh out loud funny, every single episode. The last season is starting in January, so it’s the perfect time to binge it!

Modern Love (Amazon Prime)
Scott was out of town a while back and I didn’t want to watch anything murdery, so I started watching Modern Love, and it was AMAZING. It was maybe eight episodes of (seemingly) different, unique, and unrelated love stories. Every story/episode was so beautiful and made me cry and made me think, and was very thoughtful and special. I think it was a totally underrated series, and is so worth watching. And not a huge time investment!

Rocketman (Amazon Prime)
It’s been out a while, but we only watched Rocketman a few weeks ago, and I loved it SO MUCH! It came out about the same time as Bohemian Rhapsody, which we also loved, but I didn’t know it I’d like Rocketman as much. But I think I actually liked it more!! It was a lot about Elton John I didn’t know, but all the songs that I did. So, so good, and so good I want to watch it again after thinking about it!

The Last Czar (Netflix)
I am a huge history nerd, and I like historical dramatizations as much as I like documentaries. The Last Czar is the perfect combination of both! It incorporates acting and documentary interviews about Czar Nicholas II and the murder of his family, and the fall of the Romanov dynasty. I learned a lot and it was really fascinating to watch.

Unbelievable (Netflix)
WOW-what a show and a true story. It’s about a girl that was sexually assaulted, and not believed when she reported it. Then several states away, two female detectives were tracking down a rapist and tied the attacker back to the girl. It was so hard to watch, but so inspiring to see the tenacity and work ethic of those detectives that ultimately solved the incredible case. Really, really good.

Surviving R. Kelly (Hulu)
THIS SHOW WAS BANANAS. Most people know R. Kelly and have heard about his indiscretions, but I had NO IDEA until I watched this show. It’s incredible to see how he was operating in plain sight, and how his entire team, and really an entire industry allowed for him to date and take advantage of young women because he was successful and making a lot of money. And the way he manipulated and controlled and brainwashed young women (and still does!!) is scary. SO CRAZY. I really hope to see this result in more charges brought against him. He’s a predator.

Reign (Netflix)
Reign is my feeding my historical drama fix until Outlander comes back on in February! Reign is about Mary Queen of Scots while she is in France and married to Frances, the Dauphin of France. It’s actually a pretty good show- I think it’s probably targeting a slightly younger, more PG-13 audience, but it’s still good.

90 Day Fiance (Hulu)
Our guilty pleasure!! 90 Day Finance tracks couples that have met overseas or online, and one of them comes into the USA on a K-1 Visa, so they have to get married within 90 days so they can stay in the United States. Most of the couples have spent very little time together, so those 90 days are all about adjusting to each other and the new culture, and planning their wedding! Some of the couples are sweet and some are major trainwrecks, but it is so addicting to watch! If you need some good garbage TV, it’s a great one to watch.

What are YOU watching? I’m excited to see Marriage Story on Netflix, the new Mr. Rogers movie, and the new Star Wars movie! But I love new binging suggestions, especially over the holidays!

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