Hello December + Some Holiday Randoms

Can you even believe we are already in the last month of the year? Of the decade?? I am going to quit apologizing for not posting regularly, and also quit telling you that I’m back to regular posting, because life is cray and I’m doing the best I can! The holiday season is in full swing, and I’m trying to not make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past and put so much pressure on myself that I miss the magic of the season and wish it all away. I’ve done it before and then dealt with the guilt and the regret of not DOING ALL THE THINGS, and I’m done with feeling that way! So here’s to a manageable holiday season that is still fun and magical but still leaves room for naps, relaxing, fun memory-making, and a season without regrets.

And today I thought I’d share a good round-up of some random holiday thoughts I’ve had on my mind. Maybe I’m not alone here in some of these things? 🙂

  • I am so in love with these cute Christmas Cookie Boards! We had our Supply Chain Now Radio Christmas party Friday night, and we kept it casual with salad and pizza and these cookie boards! I made one with Christmas Cookie Dip, one with a Peppermint Dip, and one with a Gingerbread Dip. They were super easy, and then just filled up the tray with store-bought dippers.
  • I actually like our Elf (elves) on the shelf! It’s fun for me to come up with creative shenanigans that Noodles, Sprinkles, and Sparkles embark on while the kids are sleeping. And my kids LOVE it. In fact, I can barely get them to get out of the bed for school except during the month of December when they JUMP out of bed to see what the elves have done! Elves not your thing? COOL! I have no problem if you scroll right on past my Instagram posts or don’t participate, or have your own low key elf on the shelf routine. But don’t make me feel bad about mine. To each their own, right? Or, as Amy Poehler says, “Good for you! Not for me. ” I won’t rain on your (Christmas) parade, so how about don’t rain on mine?
  • Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday shopping all MAJORLY STRESS. ME. OUT. After approximately 32,000 emails over a four day period (not to mention all the social media harassment), I felt like I was missing out on EVERYTHING AND ALL OF CHRISTMAS WILL BE SOLD OUT IF I DON’T SHOP RIGHT NOW AND PRICES WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER BE THIS LOW AGAIN AND IF I’M NOT DONE WITH MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING MY CHILDREN WILL RUN SCREAMING THROUGH THE STREETS. But, you know what? I bought a few gifts, and I’ll manage the rest over the course of the next couple of weeks. Maybe it was the years of working retail during the holidays years ago that scarred me for life. But truly, my anxiety majorly peaks the day after Thanksgiving, and I think it’s due to the pressure of Christmas shopping!! Isn’t that so ridiculous??! But it’s a real thing. And you know what? It’s no wonder that people are having a hard time focusing on Jesus during the month of his birth. The other messages are being communicated SO MUCH MORE LOUDLY with much less controversy. Is it a coincidence I feel peace and am calmed in church and in the word but am at peak-anxiety levels when exposed to the commercialism of the season? I think not.
  • There is just nothing sweeter than children singing about Jesus at Christmastime. The kids had their Glee Club Christmas Concert at church yesterday morning, and it was just the most precious thing. Cried the whole way through, and was so proud of Brantley, Grayson, and Ben for all singing solos! They did such a wonderful job and I couldn’t have been more proud.
  • I wish we could keep our Christmas Tree up all year round. There is nothing more cozy and comforting than all my favorite memories from years past all in one place, complemented by twinkly lights. I could look at it all day long for twelve months straight.
  • I love Christmas cards, and I love writing, so I love addressing them and sending them out to my friends and family. But if it’s not your thing? I got you. You can send out beautiful digital Christmas cards through Paperless Post, saving on postage (and paper), and still let everyone know you love them. And don’t feel bad about it for one second. It’s a shortcut and I am 100% for holiday shortcuts that save your sanity!!

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season and not getting too overwhelmed or too anxious (yet, at least?). I’m trying to not put too much pressure on myself and just do what we’re able while still keeping our sanity and making it a fun holiday season. Always easier said than done =, it seems, but here I am, again, trying my best! I hope you have a wonderful week!!

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