Styling Session with Amy Penny of Evolving Style

I have never been ashamed of buying clothes second-hand. From consignment sales for the kids or Diane von Furstenberg finds for myself at my local Goodwill, I see thrift stores as a treasure trove and have since college. And when I started following Amy Penny on Instagram years ago, I quickly became a customer, as she was selling thrifted kids clothes to fund her pending adoption. Fast forward several years, lots of money spent, her new adopted son, lots of life and business changes for us both, and here we are! Amy’s business has evolved (hence her Instagram @AmyEvolving and her business name, Evolving Style) and grown into so much more than just reselling, and now includes personal styling sessions!

When Amy approached me about a session, I was ALL ABOUT IT! Waaaaaaay back in college, I had considered becoming a personal shopper, and have done it from time to time with family and friends, but to have the shoe on the other foot and be a client was SO MUCH FUN! To start, she sent me a form to fill out, with my size information, styles and brands I liked, stores I typically shopped at, gaps in my wardrobe, and pieces that I was looking for for the upcoming fall season. Based on that, she went shopping!

Now I don’t know about you, but I simply don’t have much time to do much shopping anymore that’s not online or at my local Walmart, ha! Evvvvvvvveryonce in a while I have a bit of time to go combing through the racks at TJ Maxx, but it’s few and far between. But Amy took the time to source out 25 pieces based on all the information that I sent her. It sure is nice to have someone out and searching the endless racks of clothes in Metro-Atlanta, looking for pieces just for me!

After I first arrived, of course, we took a few minutes to chat and catch up over coffee and treats that Amy had ready for me in her AMAZING finished basement that serves as a fashion consultation suite, office, and fitting area!

But then we got down to business. Out of the 25 pieces, I ended trying on about 15, and was SO HAPPY with the entire selection! I have been to TJ Maxx and taken 12 items back to the fitting rooms and come out with nothing that worked (as in, just the other day), but I could have bought at least 8 of the items home with me but settled on four absolute favorites. I told Amy that I have (unexpectedly) become super-selective about the garments I buy since I did my ultimate closet cleanout earlier this year, and want to make sure that I’m buying something just because 1) it’s pretty (but doesn’t fit), 2) it almost fits, or 3) I just want to buy something! But the red floral dress (that will be the perfect seasonal transitional dress), the flowy navy blouse (pretty now with white jeans and later with navy pants for a monochromatic look), black and white tweed pants (for a more professional business events), and gray asymmetrical leather jacket (for literally everything) all fit well, look nice, and will all be some of my favorite picks for the fall.

SO, in summary, BOOK A STYLING SESSION WITH AMY! Not only is it fun to be waited on and shopped for like you’re rich (spoiler alert- we’re not, haha!), but as I said before, Amy has a great eye for style and brands and picked things that I loved, and a few that I probably would not have picked for myself (and then purchased!)! But it’s fun to step out of your comfort zone and have someone with a pair of fresh eyes and a different perspective pick out some pieces for you. I’ll be sharing the pieces I got in the upcoming weeks when I (finally!) get back to my What I Wore Wednesday posts!

Follow Amy on Instagram and Facebook, and check out her website to book a styling session. I promise you will not be disappointed! Thanks for the opportunity, Amy!!

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