Back to School 2019

Welp, I blinked and summer was over. I told my mom last week that the summer flew by, and she said, it wasn’t that it flew by, it’s more like it was just REALLY short! And it was. The kids got out at the end of May, and went back in last Thursday.

We’ve been back at it for a week now. I am happy to get back into a routine, but I am sad that our lazy days are done for now. I feel like we were only getting started! But here we are, finishing up our first full week of school, and things are getting back to normal, it seems.

The kids had a great first day, despite typical first-day apprehension. And it’s gotten even better as the week has gone on!

All the kids are in elementary school at the same school, for the third and last year. This year is actually the last year they will all three be in school together, ever! That makes me so sad. I think they really enjoy all being at the same school together! So I’m trying not to let the busyness and the logistics of three kids at school overwhelm me this year, and go with the flow and enjoy it (it’s pretty much against my nature, but a girl can try, right?).

So here’s to a great year for Brantley in 5th grade…

…for Grayson in 3rd grade…

… and Bennett in 1st grade!!!

And happy back to school to you too!

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