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links I love Goat & Lulu

Most evenings, after the kids go to bed and I’m finished with whatever work I needed to wrap up, I love to browse all my favorite blogs and websites for recipes, articles, quizzes, and other fun things to keep me up far too late. Here are some links that I’ve come across lately that were too fun to keep to myself!

Healthy Dip Recipes. YUM!

Have you checked out Paperless Post lately? Scott’s birthday is coming up next month and one of these would be so cute to send out for a little party!

30 great kitchen organizing ideas. Gonna have to steal a few of these.

Seriously teared up when I watched this– I CANNOT WAIT!

You know you’re getting old when an electric toothbrush was one of your favorite Christmas gifts (but it really is great!)!

10 Sturdy Salads that will last in the fridge– I’m planning on making one or two each week and portioning them out for easy lunches.

I have been LOVING this Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo from Maple Holistics– my hair has been shiny and voluminous without having to use additional products (such a bonus for the summertime!).

How to Read More Books. I have started adopting #2.

The cutest and most comfortable summer dress that I wear at least once a week. I need to order a few more colors- I get compliments on it every time I wear it!

When a mug-full of cake (or mac & cheese or scrambled eggs) is all you need (you’ll want to bookmark this one!).

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