This is 37: Things to Do This Summer

School is out for summer

HAPPY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! We made it through what have proved to be the busiest three weeks of the whole school year. Busier than Thanksgiving AND Christmas, but now we’re through! And we have a NICE, LONG BREAK AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

To wrap up my 37th birthday week I thought I’d share 37 things to do this summer! I’m making our annual Summer Bucket List, and adding some fun things of course, but also some totally doable no-pressure things to make sure we mark off the list too. Take a look and steal some for your own bucket list if you’d like. And have a fun, laid back summer enjoying your kids, friends, and family! And for now, SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!

  1. Go to the Beach!
  2. Trip to the Farmer’s Market
  3. Have a pajama day
  4. Make homemade popsicles
  5. Make lemonade
  6. Take one picture every day
  7. Go to the Splash Pad
  8. Watch ALL the Marvel Superhero movies in chronological order (we did this with all the Harry Potter movies last summer, and I think it was my kids favorite thing that we did together!)
  9. Breakfast for dinner
  10. Family Yoga
  11. Eat Watermelon
  12. Go to Stone Mountain (hopefully the Laser Show!)
  13. Go to the library
  14. Blow Bubbles
  15. Plant an herb garden
  16. Have a “Chopped” night with the Kids (they are SO EXCITED about this!)
  17. Go to a Parade
  18. Go Bowling
  19. Bust out the Jumpy House
  20. Go swimming!
  21. Take a Watercolor Class
  22. Go to Blue Ridge
  23. Write letters to family members
  24. Make a Dirt Cake
  25. Play Outside
  26. Trip to Jacksonville
  27. Camping!
  28. Ice Cream for Dinner
  29. Sew a Family Quilt
  30. Read a book together
  31. Game Night
  32. Make S’mores
  33. Breakfast for dinner
  34. Paint
  35. Go to the Park
  36. Tie-dye T-Shirts
  37. Eat Fresh Corn and Tomatoes

Happy Summer, my friends! The race is over! We made it!!!!

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