Lutons Lately: May so Cray

Hello there! So I don’t know about you, but these last few weeks have been kicking my tail! One of my friends refers to this month as “May so Cray,” and I am right there with her. We’ve had birthdays, Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, more birthdays, the end of softball, the end of soccer (almost there), field day, field trips, a bout of some feverish illness for Ben, a trip to the vet for Dexter, out of town trips for Scott, presentations for me, Kindergarten breakfast, Bible study, and so much more, and we’re only halfway through!! I know I’ve been a bit MIA around here, but I promise, there’s good reason. I have to get some sleep sometime, ha!

So here’s a bit of a summary of what’s been going on here lately.

  • Gracie and I went to Alegre Farms for her third grade field trip and had such a great day! In between the rainy days, we’ve really had a beautiful spring and it was the most gorgeous day to be outside. It was nice to spend some one on one time with my sweet Gracie!
  • Ben and I had our Mother-Son Bowling night! The girls get a dance with their daddy, and the boys get a night of bowling and arcade games with their mommies! He loved bowling and eating chicken wings with his little buddies and we had a really fun time together!
  • Scott had to spend a Sunday night in Atlanta because of a conference he was attending bright and early that next Monday morning, so after church, we drove into Atlanta to the Marriott where he was staying, and took the kids to the indoor pool at the hotel! You’d have thought we were back on the road to Disney as excited as they were (and WAY cheaper, ha)! They swam for a while, we went and got ice cream, and then we headed home while Scott stayed for the night. It was a fun little staycation that they loved (and we need to repeat in the future!!).
  • I was so proud that all three kids volunteered for and sang solos in their Glee Club concert at church! They each did such a wonderful job and I nearly BURST I was so proud of them. And I cried through the whole thing, of course, haha.
  • Big news, I got my hair cut, haha.
  • I taught my first two (of three currently scheduled) Social Media Marketing Strategy classes at the Walton County Chamber of Commerce this month, and it was a great success! Both classes sold out and we had a great group that had great questions as we worked through lots of Facebook and Instagram strategy.
  • Me and Ben got more one on one time with his Kindergarten breakfast last Friday! I cannot believe this kid blew Kindergarten up and had an awesome year. It was fun to celebrate him and his sweet class at breakfast!
  • The Saturday before Mother’s Day, we had Ben’s third-to-last soccer game, then the first day of the Farmer’s Market in Monroe (one of our favorite summertime things to do). We grabbed a hotdog, did a little Mother’s Day shopping, hit Brantley’s last softball game, then ran home, did a majorly quick clean on the house, and welcomed some of our friends over for hamburgers! It was a crazy day but really fun.
  • For Mother’s Day we had a low-key Sunday which was just perfect! We slept late and the kids made me breakfast in bed- pancakes with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles (not my fave, haha), toast with jelly, and coffee! But the sweet part was that they did it all by themselves. We took our time getting ready, then went to our favorite local hibachi for lunch. We got there right when it opened so we didn’t have to wait! Then we braved the rain and headed to Trader Joe’s, my fave, for some grocery shopping! Might sound lame, but it really was great.

And here we are, this week! Brantley had a field trip on Monday (Scott went with her which was so cute), Ben had another soccer game (last one in Saturday!), Ben started running a fever Monday night, I missed Brantley’s field day Tuesday since Ben was sick, we had to take Dexter to the vet because he was limping (just a gash on his paw- he’s fine), our Bible study wrapped up Wednesday, I missed Grayson’s field day since Ben was still sick, I had my second social media class on Thursday, Grayson’s birthday is TODAY (and Scott’s out of town ALL WEEK), we’re having a family celebration for Gracie on tomorrow (after Ben’s last soccer game), and my birthday in Sunday! WHEWWWWWWWW CAN MAY JUST BE OVER WITH?!! #MAYSOCRAY2019 Thank goodness next week is the last week of school- I don’t think I could handle too much more! And seriously, the first week of summer we may not leave the house so we can get a bit of REST! Hope to be back to regularly scheduled posting once we get a BREAK!!

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