April Favorites

CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT’S MAY??!! School is almost out, we’re almost halfway through the year (WHAT??!!), and we’re through another month. On this lovely first Monday of May, I’m sharing some of my favorite things from April, the month that seemed to last about 15 minutes, haha.

Free Solo
I am not a risk taker or a rock climber, but this Oscar-winning documentary was spellbinding. Both Scott and I were glued to the screen and couldn’t stop watching. We stopped breathing a couple of times, though! An unbelievable feat and SO GOOD.

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
I am a huge nerd, and love to listen to news and podcasts in the shower (seems like the perfect time to me- that and when I’m driving). But I couldn’t hear my phone speaker over the water, so I got this little waterproof speaker and it works perfectly! It has a suction cup on the back that allows me to stick it right to the shower door. It’ll also be great for the beach and/or pool, and is under $20!

Jean Jacket and White Jean Jacket
For a while I’ve been needing a new jean jacket, and have found several instances that I thought a white jean jacket would be a good idea too. Done and done! And both for under $40 and TOTALLY worth it? I’ll take it. And I LOVE them! They are a classic fit but not too boxy, and the denim has a bit of stretch to it too.

Game of Thrones
Talk about spellbinding! I watched the third episode from last week twice- once live and once again with Scott. I paced and sat on the edge of the coffee table the first time (and yelled at the tv and battled right alongside Arya!) and watched intently with just about as much excitement the second time. I told Scott it was probably one of the best episodes of tv that I’ve ever seen- and that is saying a lot! But seriously, it’s been amazing. And SO MANY fan satisfying moments this season!! And the series finale is on my birthday!! GOT party, anyone??!

Black Eyed Pea Salad
Such a great and easy salad and it was easily one of my favorite things I made this month! It will be a great side dish for the spring and summer since you don’t have to cook anything, and it goes great with just about any protein. Great with steak, fish, grilled chicken, or you can eat it like a dip or salsa with tortilla chips! I love sides like this that are super versatile. It’s even good by itself for lunch!

In All Things
We are almost finished with this Bible study (only two more weeks!), and it has proved to be really good and really thought-provoking. I have been challenged to think about joy in a very different way than in the past, and it’s produced several real revelations. If you’re feeling stuck, or you’re “happy” but not “JOYFUL,” then try this book out for sure. And it’s on sale right now too!

Have a wonderful Monday and a GREAT start to your week!!

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