Starting the Week Off Right: Week After Spring Break

Hello and Happy Monday TUESDAY! Our relaxing Spring Break is over, yesterday was the Mondayest Monday ever, and it’s back to school for just seven more weeks! I think we can do it…

The kids did exactly what they wanted to this spring break, and it was glorious! They played outside all. day. long. for four days straight, were absolutely filthy, ate every last snack in our pantry, slept late, and generally entertained themselves. I was able to enjoy them being home and also get a bit of work done (I was actually very productive!) so it was totally a win-win. It was a good, much-needed break, and just enough to get me (us all) through to the end of the school year!

So now we’ve got a busy week ahead, and it’ll definitely be hard to hear that alarm every morning this week and not be able to turn it off and roll back over (let’s be honest, though, I’ll definitely be hitting snooze at least a few times, lol), but I am going to start the week off right, and focus on the good and the things I’m excited about in the week ahead!

Routine. As nice as the week off was, it’s good to get back into our normal routine. I also have a tendency of not leaving the house if I don’t have things I have to go out and do, so it will be nice to re-enter the world this week, ha! We’ll be getting right back into the swing of it, and that’ll be pretty nice too.

GAME OF THRONES!! Anyone else huge GOT nerds like we are?? I binged seasons 1-6 years ago, watched season 7 live, and then rewatched it all with Scott when he FINALLY decided he wanted to watch it over the summer! And honestly, watching it all over again was great because it clarified SO MUCH and so many relationships, and I was able to answer so many of his questions as we were watching! But now we are so ready for season 8, and its premiere on Sunday!!

The Braves! We are HUGE Braves fans in this house, and it’s great to have the Braves back on tv every night. When I was growing up, if it was baseball season, the Braves were on. We knew all the players and their positions (I can still recall them today!), and I love that the kids are really getting into it too. Brantley asks every morning, “who won last night?” and we know she means the Braves! The kids love Freddy Freeman,Brian McCann, and Dansby Swanson like we loved Ron Gant, Chipper Jones, and Terry Pendleton. Can’t wait to go to a game this year.

BREAKFAST. Wednesday night I have planned for us to have breakfast for dinner, and I’m honestly so pumped about it. I always thought that I just don’t like breakfast all that much, but I’ve realized that it’s more that I just don’t like to eat first thing in the morning. I’m truly good until at least 10 if not 11 (or noon!)- not even hungry. But I love eggs and bacon, grits and waffles, so we’re just going to have it for dinner instead. And y’all, breakfast for dinner is SO economical! All I had to buy was buttermilk for my waffle recipe and a new pack of bacon, so $5 total. I already had everything else I need in the fridge and the pantry. Hard to fix a dinner for five for less than $5!

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