Easter 2019 Recap

Hello Friends and Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Easter yesterday! We had a very low-key and beautiful Easter, and I even snuck in a pretty lengthy nap! Here’s a bit about our day, if you’re interested…

The Easter Bunny came! And the kids were up at 6:45 to let me know! With ALL THE EASTER CANDY the kids have been collecting over the last week, we took it easy on the candy and stuck with a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, and ring pops for each of the kids. And a canister of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles since they love them, ha! They also got a new waterbottle, a small toy, and some spring clothes (what they needed the most!). I don’t like to go over the top with Easter Baskets, but the kids seemed happy with what they got!

Once sufficient sugar had been consumed, we got ready for church. I have made the girls Easter dresses for the past SIX years, but decided on store-bought dresses this year. It was easier for sure, and the dresses were still very pretty (high-five to TJ Maxx for a great selection on Saturday!), and I wasn’t up until all hours sewing dresses, BUT I kind of regret it and wish I had made them. I feel like I only have a small window of time remaining that I can sew for the girls and they’ll still want to wear what I make them, and ought to squeeze in as much as I can. Makes me sad that they’re growing up so, so quickly.

BUT, they still looked pretty in their dresses, and more importantly, they liked them! Too bad it was freezing, ha! We had to bundle up a bit to head into church, but by the afternoon it had warmed up and was a beautiful day.

I had done a bit of prep on Saturday, so it only took about an hour to get our Easter dinner ready once we got home from church. I made a ham, homemade potato salad and homemade macaroni and cheese (I swear by this recipe), green beans, ambrosia, deviled eggs, and rolls, our Easter standard for the past few years. But we change it up for dinners around here all the time that I love having a few traditional meals for special occasions throughout the year.

After lunch, the kids went outside to play in the beautiful weather. We don’t have a ton of kids in our neighborhood, but there’s one little boy across the street from us that’s Grayson’s age that they love to play with. And it makes me so happy! So they played in the yard with their friend Sam for hours and had an “Easter Candy Picnic.”

I was able to sneak in a nap on the sofa with the doggies which was so nice! I stayed up pretty late Saturday night and was up early on Sunday, so I was worn out. After I finally woke up, ha, we had a chill dinner of leftovers (I claimed the deviled eggs), watched the Braves win, and went to bed. It was the perfect relaxing Easter Sunday that we needed after a crazzzzzzzy week, but then again, what weeks aren’t crazy around here lately?!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and are ready to face another week! I cannot believe we only have 5 MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL until Summer Break… didn’t we literally just start this school year??!! I will have FIFTH, third, and first graders next year!! And the last year ever that they will all be in the same school together. BLOWING MY MIND right now, y’all. But I’m getting ahead of myself and just need to focus on the week ahead, haha. Baby steps! Have a great week, y’all!

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