Starting the Week Out Right

Hello and Happy Monday! And for me and my family, Happy Spring Break!! We are thrilled to be home this week for some rest and maybe a bit of fun. Brantley said that on Friday, she had an assignment at school to write about what she was going to be over spring break. She said that she wrote that she didn’t know what we were going to do over spring break, but was hoping she could sleep late, stay in her pajamas all day, and play with her brother and sister. So I am gonna make these kids’ dreams come true this spring break, and let them sleep late, stay in their jammies, and PLAY! Sounds like a plan to me. I have a couple fun ideas too, so maybe we’ll leave the house once or twice. 🙂

I wrote a few weeks ago that I am really focusing on gratitude this year, and it has really begun changing my perspective. Focusing on simplest of blessings (and the big ones too) is helping me stay more positive and less anxious as I approach just about every situation. I also thought that thinking about the things I’m looking forward to and things that I’m excited about at the beginning of each week would help ease the pain Mondays sometimes inflict, and help me focus on the good, the positive, the blessings! So I’m starting this new series for Mondays: Starting the Week Out Right, and focusing on the things I’m looking forward to this week. Let me know what you think!

So let’s start this week out right! Here’s what I’m looking forward to and excited about this week:

It’s Spring Break! I am thrilled that I don’t have to set any alarms and we can take it slow all week long. After a crazy busy week on the road last week, it is a welcome change! Still have lots to do, but at least it’s all at our own pace.

I AM SO EXCITED THAT THE TWILIGHT ZONE AIRS TONIGHT!!!!! I am a huge Twilight Zone nerd, and I can hardly wait to watch the new version. I really, really hope it’s good.

Shrimp Poke Bowls! Scott has dinner out tonight, and when he’s gone, the kids and I try to take advantage and typically eat dinners that Scott doesn’t particularly care for. He’s not a huge fan of shrimp (unless it’s freshly caught at the beach), so we’re going to have one of my absolute favorites- homemade shrimp poke bowls! I can taste the yum yum sauce already! For our full menu plan, check out my Instagram Stories- @amanda_goatandlulu!

WalMart Grocery Delivery! I love Instacart and I love Aldi, but they have such a limited selection, and nearly every week they have at least an item or two that I need that they don’t carry. But Instacart delivers, which has been a gamechanger for me, so I’ve made do. Our WalMart has had grocery pick up for some time, but on the website yesterday I noticed that now they deliver to my house! SCORE!!! So now I order all the obscure (and not so obscure) items that Aldi doesn’t carry, still save money, and have my groceries delivered to the house!!

Chill ‘n the Ville- This is one activity we might get outside for! Lawrenceville is having an event on Friday on the Lawn that looks like a lot of fun! There’s also Food Truck Friday in Monroe, so we might have to go to Lawrenceville for lunch and Monroe for dinner! Who’s coming with us?!

Bible Study! I hated missing our In All Things Bible Study last week and am so excited to be back at it on Wednesday! But since it IS Spring Break, and folks are out of town and schedules are a bit different, we’re going to do a Facebook Live virtual Bible Study session so everyone can join us remotely! So we’d love for you to join us! Join our Facebook Group here and tune it at 10 am on Wednesday morning!

That’s at least a good start, right? A good start to the week. So thankful for a week with the kids, new mercies every morning, and innumerable blessings. Have a good Monday and a GREAT week!

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