March Favorites

Hello Friends! After the longest car ride home ever (took us 6.5 hours to get there and 10.5 hours home!!), we’re back from Orlando. My mom held down the fort (of course she did, SHE IS AMAZING), the kids and dogs are great, and SPRING BREAK STARTS just as soon as the kids get home from school!!! We don’t have any big plans, but we have a wide-open weekend, which I’m looking forward to just as much, if not more, than any fun plans we could have!

Since April starts Monday (WHAT??), today I’m sharing some of my very favorite things from the month of March. Didn’t it just fly by??

Such a good documentary, but such a terrible, disturbing story. Everyone has questioned Michael Jackson’s innocence over the years, and though this documentary is pretty controversial, and there are LOTS of opinions on it, I personally found it very hard not to believe the two men and their stories. It was hard to watch and listen to (and the parents- OMGGGGG the choices they made and the guilt they must feel), but it was good, thought provoking, and definitely worth watching (we watched it via our HBO subscription through Amazon Prime).

I know, I know, Salmon Cakes do not sound good or fun or appealing, but TRUST ME- they are. They are tasty, CHEAP, easy, healthy, and with a secret sauce of equal parts ketchup and mustard, they are totally kid-friendly!! Check out this recipe and just try them. You can eat them as-is or as a burger, and from personal experience, they are great for lunch the next day!

I am not loyal to any one mascara brand or type– typically when it’s time for me to buy a new tube, I read through all the labels and find something new to try out. I grabbed this e.l.f. lengthening and volumizing mascara about a month ago (mainly because it was only $3 and I wasn’t all the way out of my current mascara), but I LOVE it!! I have had several people ask me lately what mascara I use, and I have been singing the praises of this drugstore brand! I’ve been using e.l.f. products for a while, and DO NOT let the price tag fool you!! It’s super affordable, and really good products. And this mascara is no different!! You can get it for $3 at the store (mine was at WalMart), or if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to make another trip out of the house (me 99% of the time) you can order a six pack for $21, which is still cheaper than a lot of department store brands!

I am co-leading a Bible Study at my church, and we are reading this book, In All Things, by Melissa B. Kruger, and y’all. It is so, so good. I love the way she approaches the study- in that you first observe the text, then interpret it, then apply it. Though it feels repetitive, it really allows for you to dig in and understand scripture in a way that I haven’t understood it before. We’re studying Philippians and how to discover unshakable joy. At the very least, check out the book. And if you’re really feeling the study and want some accountability and friends to chat with along the way, join our Facebook Group!

The funniest show!!!! If you’ve not been watching Catastrophe, get on Amazon and start it now. It’s about an American ad exec that goes to the UK, has a weeklong affair with an Irish teacher, she gets pregnant, and they decide to get married. They are both HILARIOUS and the show is so good! There are only four seasons, like 6 episodes per season, and the episodes are only 30 minutes long, so you can totally get through it in a weekend or over Spring Break! The fourth and final season just came out and did not disappoint. Great show.

I know I posted about this the other day, but THIS BAG IS JUST SO CUTE!!! I took it with us to Orlando, and it’s just the perfect spring/summer bag. Online they only have two colors, but in store, they have it in natural, navy, red, AND black. And it is like $15. Go get it.

That’s all I’ve got for today! I hope you have a wonderful Friday, a great start to your weekend, and if you’re kicking off Spring Break like we are, then CHEERS!!

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