Lutons Lately- TGIF!

Hello friends! TGIF! WHEW- we’ve had some busy weeks here lately! Thought I’d catch you up on what’s been going on around here…

  • After over two weeks with a broken clothes dryer, we got it fixed on Monday! Hallelujah!! As any mother knows, laundry can pile up, and pile up quick. Even when your washer and dryer work just fine! I have gotten pretty good about doing lots of loads of laundry on the weekends as to not get too behind during the week, but after skipping two weekends, it was getting pretty bad. Hearing that dryer run after our handyman left was music to my ears (PS- if you’re local and need a handyman, this is who we use, and Rick is wonderful! Fixes all kinds of odds and ends that are just outside my wheelhouse)!! I’m still playing catch up on all the dirty clothes, but definitely with a grateful heart!

  • We have joined the 21st century and got our TV mounted over our fireplace (Rick the handyman helped us with that too!). I thought it would be too high and cause neck strain as we watch TV (which is a lot), but I kind of LOVE it! It makes me feel like we’re at the movies!
    It is part of a whole living room redo, that my good friend Rachel from A Vintage Soul Design has been helping me with. I am slowly but surely getting the room finished up, and will give you the grand tour once everything is up on the walls and complete!

  • As you can see above, Ruby is my little office mate! She is my little shadow and follows me all over the house. And when I’m working in my office, she curls up at my feet under my desk and just naps! It’s very sweet and I love having her with me while I’m working. Dexter is typically not far away, snoozing on the sofa, but Ruby is my little assistant!

  • Brantley has started her spring softball season, so if I’m not doing laundry, I’m probably at the ball field! This is her 4th (5th? I can’t keep up) season playing, and she loves it. I love watching her at this level too (she’s in the 9/10 age level), because the girls are getting better, they understand the game better, there’s more strategy, and the games are much more fun to watch (I love a sweet t-ball game as much as the next mama, but some of those games are brutal!). Ben decided he wanted to play soccer again this spring, and that season will start up on Monday. Then sweet Gracie wanted to take a break from gymnastics to try something different. We thought about piano lessons, but there’s a great little specialty kitchen store in town that does cooking lessons, so she’s going to do that instead! I think she will love putting her cooking skills to good use.

  • On Wednesday, I started a new Bible Study that I am co-leading with a friend from my small group! We are reading In All Things by Melissa Kruger about finding true joy and so far so good!! We had our first meeting this week, and everyone was so nice and excited to do an all-women’s study. We also started a Facebook group for people that aren’t local or can’t attend the study in person, so if you think you might be interested in joining us, feel free to join the Facebook Group here!

  • And today, I’m headed out of town with a few ladies from church for our women’s retreat! It’s my first church retreat (ever!), and I’m REALLY excited about getting away for the weekend, but also filling my heart and soul with truth. It’s been a hard, busy, challenging few weeks, and I think a bit of a break might just be what I need to recharge. We’ll be in the North Georgia Mountains and it should be cold but not too cold, which I think sounds just perfect.

And with that, I am off! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, full of rest, or fun, or excitement, with nice weather, at least! 🙂 See you next week!

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