February Favorites

Happy Friday and Happy MARCH, my friends! Can you even believe it?? January was like 4 months long, and February was 15 minutes. Now it’s March, tomorrow it’ll be the summertime, and next week it’ll be 2020, I swear.

ANYWAY- I typically post Friday Favorites, and today you’re getting a special alliterative bonus with Friday February Favorites!

Turkey Meatballs
I made these super easy meatballs last week and they are SO GOOD and healthy too! I made them for a Greek salad bowl last week, and I picked up the ingredients to make them again this week, which rarely happens. I’m not a big recipe repeater (especially in consecutive weeks), but these are so versatile. Tonight we’re having them with marinara sauce over zoodles, and I’m doubling the recipe to freeze half of them to save for next week with egg noodles and a light cream sauce. I highly recommend them for an easy and family-friendly meal!

Goose Creek Candles
I am still on a big cozy kick with all this crazy rainy, dreary weather, and so I’ve had candles burning in the house constantly. This one, Toasty Hot Toddy, is my very favorite and makes the house smell amazing.

Bible Lens App
I am in love with this simple new app I found when I was downloading the Bible app onto my phone for quick and easy scripture reference. The Bible Lens app takes pictures from your camera roll, or allows you to take pictures, and then the app analyzes your picture to match it with a scripture verse to create a sweet text image to save or share. The app gives scripture verse suggestions based on the pictures, or also allows you to choose your personal favorite, and then gives you a few templates to design the perfect image. The one above is one of my favorites, along with these below:

It’s just a fun app that creates lovely images with my own special pictures! It’s free and I bet you’ll love it too.

A Star is Born
I’m super late to this party (finally came out on streaming tv!), but I watched A Star is Born last night, and cannot stop thinking about it! I must’ve cried three or four different times and was just captivated. A new favorite for sure.

Maple Holistics Silk 18 Shampoo
I am always up for trying new bath and body products, so when the fine folks at Maple Holistics reached out to me to try out their new Silk 18 Shampoo, I was thrilled! I used to not be nearly as picky about my shampoo and conditioners, but as I’ve gotten older and more grays are appearing and I’m coloring my hair more often, the texture has changed, and is more coarse than it used to be. That’s why I was especially intrigued by this silkening shampoo. It strengthens my hair and makes it feel very smooth but without weighing it down or sacrificing the volume. Check it out on their website or through Amazon!

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling
I’m still all about my “more actual book” goal for this year (I’m on my fourth!), but I still have a lot of time in the car that I can devote to book listening too. I think Mindy Kaling is hilarious and so smart, and I listened to the audiobook version of “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” in about two days! I laughed out loud so many times, and there were also so many points that resonated. If I had the actual paperback copy, I would have highlighted or underlined a great many passages. It was a quick and easy listen and I definitely want to listen to her second book as well.

That’s all I’ve got! I hope you have a wonderful Friday, and a GREAT weekend!

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