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Hello all my friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful week. I decided that I wanted to be a bit more candid today for my WIW post. So either hang on and read through all this rambling, or just scroll down to the outfits!

If you’ve followed me for a while, or followed my WIW posts for a while, you’ve probably noticed something. I have gained some weight. As many women do. A little bit more (or a lot a bit more, lol) every year. The reasons are not unique to me- I have no excuse so unique that millions of other women don’t also have. With the combination of the stress of life and business ownership, the love of all things food, copious amounts of wine consumed, partnered with a love of tv, a dislike of exercise (maybe a bit of exhaustion and/or laziness?), and a serious lack of motivation, the pounds have slowly but surely accumulated everywhere (except for my bosom, the one place, where in fact, I would welcome an increase in size, haha!).

Honestly, it gets me down. I’m overall a pretty confident person and have never really had confidence issues with the way I look, but I am surely affected now. I feel like I’ve let myself down and I’m not as proud of what I look like anymore. I am ashamed to say that I privately speak to myself in the most terrible ways sometimes that I wouldn’t DREAM of speaking to other people, and would also break my heart into a million pieces if I heard my girls speaking to themselves in the same way.

And I have started to make an attempt to lose the weight (again), drink more water, move more, and make healthier food choices. But all the while, I refuse to just give up on the way I look and settle for oversized or ill-fitting clothes. I have still made the effort to get dressed, to go shopping, to have fun with clothes, even if I don’t look exactly the way I used to and don’t wear clothes in the same manner I used to. I hear other women and friends say all the time, “I’m going to go shopping when I lose 10 pounds.” Or “I don’t want to buy anything new until I’m back to my old size.” Well, you know what I say to that? NO!! Buy it now. Go shopping for yourself and for your figure and for some fun and entertainment now! You deserve to feel pretty and lovely in the clothes you wear EVERYDAY, not just the days when you have finally lost the baby weight, or when you’ve hit your ideal size, or whatever your goal is. You always deserve to look good and FEEL good in the clothes you’re in, no matter what your size. Celebrate yourself and start TALKING to yourself instead of LISTENING to yourself. Celebrate your size no matter what state of weight loss (or lack thereof!) that you are in. Shopping is not just for the skinny, it’s not just for the 100% confident, and let me just tell you, it’s not just for the rich either (I mean, haven’t you seen all the amazing things I get from WALMART?!)! It’s for everyone. And I’m not telling you that a new shirt and a swipe of lipstick will solve all your problems and you’ll believe in yourself completely from that moment on, but from personal experience, it makes you feel good. It makes you feel a bit better and gives you a bit of confidence. It’s a step in the right direction. It’s not hiding in your shame and self-consciousness, it’s stepping out in your beauty, in your strength, and in your own uniqueness. And you deserve to look nice and take pride in your appearance, and celebrate yourself, and have fun with fashion! Your size is the LEAST interesting thing about you. So go shopping. Buy the clothes NOW. Don’t hide yourself. Have fun with fashion. Even if it is just from WalMart!

And with ALL THAT… here’s what I wore this past week.

I went shopping at the MALL last week with my mom– haven’t been to one of those in a LONG time! I got LOST!! Leather jackets are my new favorite thing and this caramel one goes with pretty much everything.

Caramel Leather Moto Jacket- TJ Maxx
Gray Knit Cowl Scarf- Etsy
Black Knit Dress- Bella Grace
Black Tights- WalMart
Black Booties (they’re only $10.50 now!!!)- WalMart

See? Leather Jacket! I love this black one (a purchase from the shopping trip with Mom!) because it has the cutest peplum-like gathering in the back. A bit of a sweet detail on a edgy jacket.

Black Leather Jacket (less than $30!)- Franchesca’s
Navy/Black Space Marled Knit Swing Dress- Gap
Black Tights- WalMart
Black Booties (they’re only $10.50 now!!!)- WalMart

I wore this dress last Easter with bare legs and sandals, but I love it with black tights and black patent wedges too for a much more wintery look.

Pink Flocked Swing Dress with Tiered Sleeves- Crawford Collections
Black Tights- WalMart
Black Patent Leather Wedges- Macy’s

I got the DEAL OF THE CENTURY a few weeks back while I was shopping at Old Navy. All their clearance was 40% off the lowest marked price, and this dress ended up being $2.99!!!!! I love its versatility (one of my favorite things when it comes to clothes) in that I can wear it now with tights and boots and a jacket, and I’ll be able to wear it when it’s warm out too, with bare legs and wedges.

Floral Peasant Dress- Old Navy
Gold Teardrop Earrings- WalMart
Tan Over the Knee Boots- Target

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and Go SHOPPING!!

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