Weekend Recap: Playing Dress Up

Hello friends and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was a lot more fun than usual, ha! Thought I’d do a bit of a recap and share what we had going on. Read along if you’d like…

Friday morning, our good friends Tyler & Candace got married! Scott and I couldn’t even remember the last wedding we went to, and our friends are very, very special people, so we were really excited about being there and supporting them. It was all the way up in Acworth at 11 am, so dropped the kids at school, and drove through the (ridiculous amount of) rain to the church!

The ceremony was so sweet and brief- you could tell they just wanted to be married and get to the fun part! the ceremony, we all went into the church auditorium for a lovely brunch that was just perfect. A coffee bar, doughnuts, homemade muffins, bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausage, you name it! It was so nice, and we were just so happy for the newlyweds!

It was fun to dress up for a wedding; if you know me well, or really know me at all, you know that I’ll take any opportunity I can get to put on a pretty dress! I found this one that I wore to the wedding on Amazon, and I’ll share more details about it on Wednesday, but it was less than $30 and one that I will certainly be able to wear over again!

And then we got a chance to dress up again on Saturday! But first, some business at home. Saturday morning we got up and took the kids out for breakfast at a local place, and then I needed a project! I’ve been konmari-ing the house slowly but surely, but I took on the pantry this weekend!

I got it good and cleaned out and organized, but I have to grab a couple of baskets and tubs before I reveal the whole transformation! It’s clean, but in official TBC status for a bit…

After organizing, and getting some laundry done, and Brantley’s mid-day softball practice, it was gala time!

This is the third VEO Gala that we’ve attended, and in the past I’ve always rented dresses from Rent the Runway. But this year I decided to try something a bit different and order a dress straight from Amazon! More details on the dress on Wednesday, but I ordered five dresses for the price of renting ONE from Rent the Runway, and I returned four and kept the one I wore! It was very comfortable and very affordable– but more on that on Wednesday!

The gala was amazing at and the Georgia Aquarium downtown. Such an awesome venue on it’s own, but it’s really amazing for a big event! Last year we were at the Piedmont Driving Club and they maxed it out with 330 people. But the event grew so much this year that almost 600 people were in attendance! They ended up raising over $400,000 for the VEO. AMAZING.

The VEO (Veterans Empowerment Organization) is a non-profit that helps homeless veterans on the streets of Atlanta. They help them secure safe and inexpensive housing, help them receive their benefits, help with counseling, addition or medical care, skills training, and job placements. It’s truly an amazing organization and they are 100% privately funded and don’t take a single cent from the federal government. And since they don’t take any federal dollars, they don’t have to adhere to strict laws and guidelines that governments entities (like the VA, for example) have to follow. There’s less red tape, less government bureaucracy, and much more help (and FASTER help) to our city’s veterans. Our friend Tyler that was married on Friday is the community outreach ambassador for VEO, and was a member of the program himself (read more about his story here).

The founder, Franz Fortune, is a Haitian immigrant, and one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. He saw a problem in our city’s homeless vets, and instead of complaining about it or turning to the government, he decided to jump in and do what he could to fix it. A true leader in every sense of the word.

We are proud to be supporters of the VEO and their mission and were honored to be there on Saturday night.

Sunday was spent in church and then catching up on house stuff. Not nearly as glamorous as the rest of the weekend! Laundry, meal planning, cleaning up the den, playing with the pups, and then we watched the finale of True Detective (did you watch? Thoughts?) and a bit of the Oscars. I LOVE Rami Malek and was SO glad he won (and loved his speech!)! And I haven’t seen The Favourite, but I LOVED Olivia Coleman in Broadchurch (YOU MUST WATCH THIS SHOW), and am so excited to see her in the upcoming seasons of The Crown, so I was happy to see her win too. Otherwise, it was a calm end to a pretty busy weekend.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Monday, and a great start to your week!

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