Ruby & Dexter

We didn’t even make it a week. After having to unexpectedly put our sweet beagle Dolly to sleep last week, we just couldn’t stand not having a few furry family members scampering around to love on and cuddling with. The kids were missing Dolly so much and begging for a new dog, so we decided to go ahead and do what we had planned on doing anyway, and get a new dog.

And then we got another.

I’d love to be the first to introduce you to Ruby and Dexter!

We are just dog people. We have been married 13 years in August and have never not had a dog! We started looking at local rescues and shelters online on Friday and found a couple of cuties that we thought might be a good fit with our family. We have had beagles for years and love their size and temperament, so we were looking for a beagle/hound mix of some sort. We were pretty sure too, that we’d prefer a young dog (dogs), but not a puppy. If there were dogs out there that needed new homes but were already crate and house trained, then we’d have the perfect match! We texted back and forth with a few rescues and foster families, and while Scott had to go into town to work on Saturday, I went on the PetSmart rescue circuit!

PetSmart sponsors animal rescue adoptions most Saturdays, so I headed down to Conyers to start. That’s where I saw Miss Ruby! I had already seen her on Instagram, catching popcorn in the air and knew we would be a good match. She’s a Corgi-Chihuahua-something else mix, is between 1 and 2 years old (as best the rescue could tell), is smart and snuggly, and HOUSETRAINED, and follows us everywhere. She loves having her tummy rubbed and is a sweet, sweet girl! But we were pretty sure that we wanted to go ahead and get two dogs to make the adoption transition easier for the dogs, and so they could grow up with a companion. The other dogs up for adoption in Conyers just weren’t going to be good matches, so I headed to the Loganville PetSmart and found our buddy Dexter!

Dexter is a Jack Russell Terrier-Beagle mix, and is 7 months old. I took Ruby with me to meet Dexter and they were very friendly and playful with each other. Dexter is also house trained, sweet, friendly, curious, clumsy, and the cuddliest little lover you’ve ever seen.

After the adoption process was complete, the doggies and I headed home! I introduced the dogs to their new house and the backyard, and I truly have never seen dogs so happy in my life. I gave them a bit of a snack of leftover steak and I think they decided then and there that this life was gonna be allllll-right! Ruby dropped onto her back for a belly rub, and Dexter jumped all over me, smothering me with puppy kisses. The. Best.

I let the pups get accustomed to their new crates and Scott and I met for a bite to eat. Then when we got home, they got to meet their new daddy! Dexter was immediately drawn to Scott, and Ruby has mostly stuck with me. But good news- they get along with each other, they pee outside, they stick with us, they’re snuggly, and so, so sweet.

We went to church Sunday morning, but otherwise spent the day snuggling and gaining their trust, and just hanging out with the puppies. It was a rainy, yucky day, otherwise we would’ve taken them out on walks, but we let them out in the backyard and hung out with them inside. They just want love! They just want to lay near us while we work and while we’re relaxing. They love snacks, so they hang out with me while I’m cooking. But the best part?? Meeting the kids!

The kids were in Aiken for the long weekend hanging out with Nana and Pop, and they had no idea that we were working on finding new pups for the family. When they got home yesterday, they walked into the house and immediately, Ruby and Dex started barking (guard dogs!), and the kids’ eyes got wide and they ran into the playroom. They went wild (which made the dogs go wild and be a bit scared, ha!) and were just over the moon excited. All day long was spent getting to know the new doggies (very cautiously, carefully, and lovingly), playing outside, and snuggling. Thankfully the kids have always been so responsible and respectful and sweet to all our dogs, and I know they’ll be the same with Ruby and Dexter.

So, so far so good. As far as we can tell so far, we hit the jackpot with Ruby and Dexter. These two sweet pups will not only be welcome new members of our family, but will also act as a balm to begin to heal our broken hearts after the loss of Dolly. The adoption process has been so great, and now that these pups have settled in, it breaks my heart to think of them in a cold cage at a shelter! There are so many dogs that need loving forever homes and we’re just so happy to have given these two a home with a family that already loves them so much! We are lucky to have found Ruby and Dex and we hope they will be as happy as we are!

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