Lutons Lately

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! The kids are so excited- they had their cute red and pink outfits ready this morning, and their valentines all ready for their classmates. We had heart-sprinkled donuts for breakfast, and small chocolate Valentine treats ready for the kids. And Scott and I are heading out on a Valentine lunch date which is more our speed anyway. We don’t make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day, but we definitely share and spread the love! And especially since we’ve had a tough week, we’ll be keeping it pretty simple. What about you? Big plans?

I thought I’d share a few things we’ve been up to ’round these parts. Read on if you’d like to hear about what the Lutons have been up to lately…

We had such a hard start to our week. We unexpectedly had to put our beloved beagle, Dolly, to sleep on Monday. She had what we thought was a bladder infection, but after a horrible night and an early morning vet visit, we discovered that she had a bladder tumor and bone cancer that had metastasized and spread all throughout her body. She was in pain and we had no idea, which just broke our hearts. Her cancer had spread so quickly and there was simply nothing we could do. The last few days have been the only days our entire marriage without a dog. And our hearts are simply broken missing our sweet girl. The kids are doing really well, all things considered, and just miss Dolly. We all do. And I feel horribly guilty. Guilty that I should have done things differently, that I should have been more grateful for her while she was here. Dogs have such a special place in a family that sometimes we sadly don’t recognize until they’re gone. And Dolly was so special. Quiet, stoic, loving, lovable, patient, snuggly, pretty, and shy, she was one of a kind. It’s not likely that we’ll wait long before we get another dog, but Dolly will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The Father Daughter Dance at our school was last Friday, and these girls had a ball with their daddy! When I gave the option of me making their dresses or us going shopping for them, for the first time in years, shopping won out. It was equal parts a relief and also heartbreaking. And honestly, dress shopping was challenging, to put it nicely. Can I just say that making dresses for my girls is FARRRRRRRRRR easier than trying to find something appropriate in stores! It was either made for a toddler or for prom and basically nothing in between. Luckily we found a couple of dresses that we could all settle on, and I thought the girls looked so pretty. Scott brought them flowers (they nearly died) and took them out to dinner (they got chocolate lava cakes at Applebees and Scott said their minds were blown and their plated were cleaned), and then took them to the dance for a bit. They came home exhausted and floating on clouds! Daddy is the best date ever, amiright??

While the girls and Scott were off at the dance, me and my little man went out for some pizza! Ben requested Marco’s, so we ate pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom pizza, just the two of us. My little date wanted a bit more, and we headed to McDonald for a milkshake for him and a coffee for me! We headed home for a little Star Wars before everyone else arrived home. A great night for all!

On Monday night, before Dolly went downhill fast, Scott and I had a really fun date night out! Our good friend and colleague, Jason, completed an intensive comedy course, and the “graduation” was performing a stand-up routine at the Punchline in Atlanta! So we were happy to head out and support him for his comedy debut! The Punchline is attached to the Landmark Diner in Buckhead, so we had a bite to eat before the show. The menu is HUGE and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the food was excellent!! I had fried shrimp, and they were only second to fresh caught at the beach. Very fresh and not heavily breaded- super good. Once we ate, we headed into the club and waited for the show. We had a big table with other friends and colleagues supporting our buddy, and we had a great time! The comedians did such a great job, and I was SO impressed with Jason! He was very true to himself, was very funny, and seemed very comfortable. He was a natural! There were about 15 people, and they all did really well. Some, of course, were funnier than others, but I think the jokes are probably second to what the class teaches you! Stage presence, how to read a room, comedic timing, etc., and from what I understand, it’s a great class for anyone that has to do any type of public speaking or has a leadership role in their professional (or personal) life. The last time Scott and I had seen a comedy show was on the cruise ship on our honeymoon, so it was a really fun date and a great night out.

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Valentine’s Day! And no matter your situation, circumstances, or relationship status, know that you are SO VERY LOVED, and never forgotten, even on this holiday that seems reserved for those in constant bliss. Love can take so many forms, and I truly believe it’s always worth celebrating. So HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! And I’m sending you all virtual love and hugs today.

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