Friday Favorites: The Roho Blouse

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I was lucky to get a day date out to lunch with Scott, and then Brantley’s softball practice was cancelled, so we went out to dinner too, and took the kids! Lots of candy, lots of chocolate, and lots of love!

For my Friday Favorites today, I’m sharing a special project I’ve been working on and hinting about… The Roho Blouse from Cotton + Thread!

I’ve talked in the past about how much I love pattern testing for sewing pattern designers. It’s a fun way to participate in the process of developing and finalizing sewing patterns, and it challenges me in my sewing and problem-solving skills. Plus, you get to work with really amazing designers and seamstresses and learn from their creativity too, which is so inspiring. And Olga from Cotton + Thread is one of the best! I have tested for her once before, and her attention to detail throughout the entire testing process is what ends up making her patterns such high quality, and in turn, well fitting and flattering end garments! Once you start sewing a lot of different patterns by a lot of different designers, you begin to recognize the technical differences in what makes a good pattern and great garment versus a quickly drafted pattern. And knowing the process AND the end result behind Olga’s patterns, I can confidently say what a talent she is and how proud I am to have had the opportunity to test with her!

The Roho Blouse is her most recent pattern that I just finished testing that she released on Monday (you might recognize a familiar face in her post here!). Through the testing process, the group is given the pattern, we sew it up and provide feedback on sizing, fit, technique preferences, the instructions, and grammar, errors, etc. Adjustments are made and a new version of the pattern is sewn up by testers, more feedback is given, and it goes on until the pattern is perfected for the entire size run of the pattern. It’s an awesome process and ends up inspiring so much creativity and different pattern options.

The Roho Blouse offers two different hem styles (one gathered and one loose), three sleeve lengths, and opportunities for lengthening or shortening the blouse. I made my final version in a mustard dotted double gauze woven with a 3/4 sleeve and added 2 inches of length to the blouse itself. What I ended up creating was the perfect comfortable, loose (but not baggy), casual tunic that I will wear all the time. I am picky about the lengths of my tops (bottom of the top MUST cover my crotch!) which is one of the reasons I love sewing. Can’t find what you like in the stores? NO PROBLEM! Just make it yourself!

It was a wonderful and really fun experience testing and making the Roho Blouse, and I am always honored to be selected to participate. And best part- I ended up with a lovely top and a beautiful pattern that I will make over and over again!

The Roho Blouse will be on sale through Monday if you need a quick sewing project for the weekend! It’s a great project for a beginner, and sews up quickly. Check it out here!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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