Friday Favorites

Happy FRIDAY, my friends! It’s been a long week around here and I am so glad that it’s the weekend AND we have a short week next week!

First of all, y’all are the best. Thank you for the amazing comments, messages, texts, etc from my Wednesday post. Honestly, it was HARD for me to hit publish on that one, and I second guessed it all day long. When you stake a lot of pride on your appearance, and write about outfits, and food and recipes, and how you’re trying to be more healthy and go to the gym and drink water, and then post about how the numbers on the scale are going in the wrong direction? It’s humbling to say the least. Embarrassing, to tell you the truth (and I’m not typically easily embarrassed). But your support and encouragement and compliments (though I TRULY did not write one single word attempting to fish for compliments at all- in fact, that’s a pet peeve of mine) were so amazing. We’re not alone in our battles, weight or otherwise, and we truly connect and understand and relate through our vulnerabilities. So thank you. It meant a lot to be heard and to be supported. I truly hope I can do the same and be the same for you.

And with ALLLLL that being said, I’d love to share my weekly Friday Favorites today!

Homemade Buttermilk Waffles
I got a waffle iron for Christmas a few years back (this one), and though I don’t use it very often, when I do get it out, I’m reminded that I ought to use it more! We made breakfast for dinner last Friday night, and I made some homemade waffles to go with our eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns. I randomly had some buttermilk, and other than that I almost always have the basic ingredients on hand to make a batch of waffles. But THIS RECIPE made the best waffles I’ve ever had. They were thick, fluffy, and light, and all three kids independently mentioned that they tasted “exactly like Waffle House, but better.” I’m not sure you can receive a higher waffle compliment than that!! Definitely worth trying out for breakfast (or dinner!) this weekend.

Celebrating Psalms Creative Journal
My friend April is the mom-boss-creative lady behind fishy mom, and creates these beautiful creative journals for Bible study. But it’s not a typical Bible Study- it’s you reading each Psalm, 1-41, writing them out in the journal, and then reflecting back on the words in whatever creative way (drawing! stickers! collage! lettering!) makes you feel most comfortable and helps you internalize the word of God. I really love it because writing out Scripture can be so powerful (read how here!) and can be important in the ways you can learn to understand the Bible even better. In the creative space I typically just rewrite the verses that really stick out to me, but I love how the journal really gives you the freedom to connect in whatever way works for you. If you don’t love the constraints and structure of traditional Bible studies and want to interpret Scripture in your own way, this is a great option.

Friends from College
Does anyone else watch Friends from College?? It’s on Netflix and I had seen it in the past but didn’t really know much about it until I was reading a blog post that was asking for new TV show suggestions to watch, and this one kept popping up. A few weeks back when Scott was out of town for the weekend (during my closet clean out when I slept two nights on the couch, ha!), I needed something to watch that wasn’t a serial killer documentary, and I chose this. And it’s SO GOOD!!! Each episode is only 30 minutes and there’s not too many to catch up on, and only 2 seasons so far. It’s so funny that I laughed out loud so many times. I was so sad when I was done with both seasons because it’s just a light, fun, easy to watch show that breaks up all my other true crime and 18th-century romance addictions, ha! Worth the watch.

Athletic Works Rain Jacket
I never have a raincoat when I need one, so when I saw this one at WalMart recently FOR $16 I grabbed it. It’s the perfect lightweight windbreaker that is also water resistant, but is also long enough to cover your behind- which is HARD TO FIND. It comes in four colors- navy, black, silver, and this olive, which is what I got. And at $16?? I might go back and get another one to keep in the car!! Because, like I said, I never have one when I need it, ha!

And with that, I wish you a very happy Friday!! Scott and the girls have the Father-Daughter Dance at their elementary school tonight and the girls are SO EXCITED. Ben and I are going to have our very own little date night and I’m so excited to spend some time one-on-one with my baby boy. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day and an amazing weekend!!

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