Our Very Fancy New Year’s Eve Party

We have a lot of wonderful holiday traditions that we keep up with each year, but one of my favorites is our “Very Fancy New Year’s Eve Party!” It’s no big secret that we’re homebodies but several years ago, Brantley and I wanted New Year’s Eve to be a bit more fun than Scott was hoping for. So we dressed up, put on makeup, and did our hair, made some simple appetizers, she made the decoration (homemade signs and streamers), and called it our Very Fancy New Year’s Eve Party! Of course, now all three kids participate, and make signs, they get dressed up (this year Brantley picked out Ben’s outfit!), and we have a fun little party at home. It’s really so much fun, and we have a ball! Here’s a little look into this year’s party!

Gracie’s party sign with our family at the bottom 🙂

Brantley wrote up our menu- we subbed Ranch for hummus (didn’t know we were out of Ranch!), left out the cheese and pita crackers, and added peppermint brownies!

My mom found these adorable printables on Facebook, so I printed three out, and the kids colored in their Year in Review! You can find the printable here.

The ribs, as expected, were a huge hit! They are one of their favorite dinners, and Scott knocks them out of the park everytime. They also loved the sparkling grape juice- also no surprise there, haha!

A friend of mine made these peppermint brownies a while back, and this was my first attempt at them, and they were delicious! I used the family size box of brownies for a 9×13 pan, prepared them according to the package directions, and then added 8 drops of peppermint essential oils. Poured them in the greased pan, then topped them with a cup of chocolate chips. So easy, but MAN were they good.

After we colored, and ate, and chatted about the year, and what they wanted to do in 2019, we headed into the den and danced to Bon Jovi, Pharell, and lots of Taylor Swift. And then Netflix came through with the win with their awesome countdown so the kids could count down to the “New Year” at 7:30! #newyearsevewin

Once the kids went to bed, it was mine and Scott’s turn! It’s our tradition to make steak for Scott and crab legs and champagne for me, and that’s exactly what we did. Those crab legs were destroyed! They were so, so good. Another fave tradition.

We sat on the couch and watched a bunch of tv, watched the horrible countdown shows for about 30 minutes just to see the ball drop, and then we stayed up til almost 2 in the morning watching Chris Farley SNL clips! It’s not unusual for me to stay up late, but Scott isn’t up that late with me very often! It was fun and we were both able to sleep late on New Year’s morning!

New Year’s Day I got up and tried to clean up a bit, and then got started on our traditional Southern New Year’s Day dinner! I soaked my black eyed peas overnight, and cooked them in the instant pot in no time. I made kale instead of collards, but cooked the kale greens the same way I typically cook my collards. They cooked in less than half the time, and tasted JUST LIKE collards! We added our ham and cornbread and enjoyed our New Year meal watching football! Perfect!

We took it easy the rest of the day, I tried to get started putting the Christmas decor away, but the tree will stay up another day or two because number 1- it takes the longest and is so much work to pack everything up! And number 2- I LOVE having our Christmas tree up and will miss the pretty twinkly lights so much. I would seriously leave it up all year if I could!

No matter what you did, took it easy like us or went all out, I hope you had a wonder New Year’s Eve, and a great start to 2019!!

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