Hello Monday!

Happy Monday, my friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Scott was in Orlando on a conference, but the kids and I kept busy! I am sharing a few of the things I am saying HELLO to on this crisp and sunny day.

  • Hello CLEAN CLOSET!! If you happen to follow me on Instagram (@amanda_goatandlulu) and watched my stories over the weekend, you saw that I took the MAJOR plunge and Kon-Mari’d my closet! It was a MAJOR overhaul, and took the whole weekend to get it all cleaned out and organized, but WHOAAAAAAAA is it amazing now. I’m going to go into a bit more detail tomorrow, but it was a HARD but awesome process.
  • Hello new spring sewing! I was honored to be asked to join a pattern test again by Olga of Coffee and Thread, so I have been helping her and an amazing team of other pattern testers as we work to perfect a beautiful new blouse pattern! I LOVE pattern testing, because it allows me to work with other amazingly talented seasmstresses and learn from their expertise, be a part of the design process, and improve my sewing skills as well. Not to mention, you get to sew up some beautiful garments too, which is always fun!! It’s all under wraps until the pattern is released, but I can’t wait to share once it’s complete!
  • Hello musical theater!! We watched a few musicals on TV over the weekend, and BEN is my little musical theater buddy! We could barely take his eyes off Newsies (any other huge Newsie’s fans out there?? Seriously one of my favorite movies!!) as we watched it yesterday. And then RENT was coming on as the kids went to bed, and I knew they weren’t going to be able to watch it all (#1- bedtime, and #2- adult content), but Ben watched a bit of the beginning with me, and again, couldn’t look away! I’m sure the girls will come around too (theater in person is SO MUCH BETTER than watching theater on TV), but I am just thrillled it’s something Ben and I can enjoy together. And PS- did anyone else watch RENT on Fox?? I thought it was AMAZING. It totally brought me back to early high school when I played that soundtrack 24 hours a day in my room. I loved it and cried the whole way through it. If you didn’t watch it, I’m sure it’s up to watch on Hulu! Check it out!
  • Hello Droughtlander… the season finale of Outlander came on Sunday night (I actually watched it at midnight on Saturday night on Amazon Prime), and now I’m so sad! THE. BEST. SHOW. So I’m thinking I’m going to read the second, third, and fourth book in the next year until season 5 comes out. And most likely rewatch the show a few times, haha. At least I don’t have to wait too much longer for this show’s final season! SO EXCITED.

What are you saying hello to today?? Have a GREAT start to your week!!

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