Well, hello, my friends! I am out from under the blankets of my sofa, finally, after laboring through the misery of the flu this week. I haven’t been really sick in several years now, and let me just say, GET YOUR FLU SHOT if you haven’t already. I started getting a scratchy throat and a mild cough on Sunday, and I went to the doctor on Monday for an unrelated appointment. I was starting to feel worse and described my symptoms to the doctor and told him the kids had had their flu shots, but several kids in their class had been sick with the flu. I got a test, and lo and behold, it was positive. I headed straight to WalMart to get Tamiflu and started on it straight away. I’m convinced that starting it early was what made the virus relatively mild in comparison to how I’ve heard others have struggled through the flu. My doctor even said that Atlanta was the top city in the country for flu diagnoses for the fall and projected for the winter, so wash your hands! Cough into your elbows! Stay home if you (or your kids) are sick! Take care of yourselves and your families!

I’m still not 100%, but I was only really down for the count for three days. But, if I could’ve picked a time to have the flu, I definitely wouldn’t have picked the week before Christmas! We missed a few parties, all the kids Christmas parties at school (I missed them- the kids were there), several things on the old to-do list that I wanted to take care of, and several fun activities I was planning on. But, isn’t that just the way it goes! At least I’ve gotten some rest? At least I’ve slowed down a bit? And at least we have the weekend to cram in some holiday fun before Christmas.

Things I have realized while being home with the flu this week:

  • Having the flu sucks.  Having the flu the week before Christmas when you’re a Christmas procrastinator really sucks.
  • Grocery delivery is absolutely priceless.  YES, I will pay your surcharge, your delivery fee, the driver’s tip, higher prices on groceries so that my family won’t starve this week, and so I don’t have to go into the grocery store sick as a dog, looking like I am dying, and undoubtedly see every single person I know in the entire town. THANK YOU.
  • Amazon Prime Now is also a godsend.  Don’t have your teacher gifts completed and tomorrow is the last day before Christmas break?  We got you, girl.  Gift bags, gift cards, tissue paper, and cards delivered in two hours.
  • Even with the best holiday plans (and/or non-plans), and a more laid-back attitude this season, I cannot control everything. And going to hard for too long leads, inevitably, to a crash. I drank more water, tea, and Gatorade this past week than I did all this past year combined, and that clearly needs to change too, ha. The flu ruined a fun week of celebration, but I’m trying to look on the bright side and think of all the rest and hydration I was able to get, haha.

So we are ready for the weekend, we’ve lysoled down everything we could and are going to try to salvage the rest of our time before Christmas! We have family coming in today and a few other things planned. Hoping for one more post before Christmas…so have a wonderful weekend!

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