Merry Christmas!

Hello my friends! And Merry Christmas Eve! After a relaxing weekend, a marathon gift-wrapping session, a few last-minute orders finally coming in, and some stocking-stuffer shopping, I think we are finally ready for Christmas! What about you?

The kids and I spent Friday morning trying to clean up a bit before my in-laws came to visit. Did you know that Santa Claus doesn’t come to dirty houses? He also won’t leave toys for children whose rooms aren’t clean? That’s what I’ve always been told at least… #momwin

After we cleaned and I finally got a shower and was feeling like a human being again (#wtflu), Nana and Pop came over and they made cookies and hot chocolate, and I made some Rice Krispie Treats and Christmas Crack Candy (chocolate, caramel, and saltines!), we ate barbeque and exchanged gifts. A laid-back Friday evening.

Saturday, Nana and Pop took the kids out for a movie and some other holiday fun, and Scott and I got a day together! It was relaxed and so nice. We considered the Farmer’s Market in Atlanta, then Trader Joe’s in Athens, but ultimately didn’t want to drive too far, so we just went to Monroe!

We had lunch at the new Your Pie (SO GOOD- I want to eat there pretty much every day), walked through a few of the little stores and antique shops, and then headed to the Monroe WalMart, the Saturday before Christmas, for a few last minute items and stocking stuffers, and some of the best people watching north of the Florida Panhandle.

We headed home, and since the kids were still gone, I got going on wrapping presents! I usually reserve it for Christmas Eve, but I got a head start and I’m so glad– it took forever!! Now I only have a couple things to do after the kids go to bed tomorrow night, which will be great. A most relaxed Christmas eve.

Today we got up like normal, headed to church, came home for leftover chili, barbeque, and hot dogs for lunch. The kids played, I sewed up their annual Christmas pajamas, I made my favorite Sea Salt Caramels (that I meant to have done for the kids teachers last week, but I figured they didn’t want flu-infected candies), played Monopoly Junior and Uno Attack with the kids (both GREAT games for kids if you need last minute gift ideas- I could even play Uno Attack over and over!), then ate more leftovers for dinner.

It was just the kind of weekend we needed right after a crazy busy month (year), and a bought of sickness, and right before Christmas. We were able to relax and take it slow, and not get overwhelmed with the to-do’s, and the business, and the obligations of the season. We were able to listen in church this morning without thinking of the next item we had to get done, and I was able to sit down and play with the kids today(something, I hate to say, I rarely do anymore), and enjoy their laughter.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. I hope you’re able to sit back with your family, enjoy the time together, and not have to hustle here and hurry there to get everything in and everything done. Relax. Take a moment to soak it all in and reflect. And despite any sadness in our circumstances or our position, or our troubles and stresses and disappointments, we can find joy in Christmas because of Jesus. There is hope in this world, in this new year, in our lives, because of Him. I hope whether you have run around all over town, to every party and every event or you have had a quiet holiday season at home, that you have found joy and you have found Him this Christmas. Thank you, as always, for reading, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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