Highlights of 2018

I am so glad that I am able to look back on 2018 with fondness- our family had a really wonderful year! It was not without its challenges, struggles, and stresses FOR SURE, but it was also full of laughter, togetherness, learning, growing, adjusting, readjusting, and so much love. I have compiled some of our highlights of year, and most of them are pretty ordinary family events! But in this family, it’s the wonderful ordinary mundane moments that make a year so, so great. Take a look through if you’d like…


New haircuts!

We got snow!

101st Day of school!


Father Daughter Dance

Valentine’s Day!

Date Night to the VEO Gala

Brantley’s art was featured in the county Art Gallery

Mama got a new haircut too!


Scott and I took a trip to Savannah!

Bingo Night!

Brantley’s softball season started!

Ben’s first field trip!


We had a beautiful Easter!

A day date with my honey!

A fun night out at the Braves game with my brother and sister in law!

Mother-son bowling night!

Softball and Soccer Saturdays started!

Field trip with Brantley to Callaway Gardens

Grayson took a field trip with Bammy!

We volunteered at the Pat Tillman Run (and met Dan Quinn and
Arthur Blank!)

Grayson started gymnastics!

Nana and Pop came to visit


The kids sang in their first glee club concert at church

Mother’s Day!

Gracie’s 7th birthday!

Brantley’s successful Market Day at school

Ben graduated from Pre-K!

Last day of third grade, second grade, and Pre-K

Bowling Day with good friends!

Memorial Day

Brantley went to coding camp



Brantley and Grayson had a Spa Slumber Party for their birthdays!

Brantley’s 9th Birthday!

Vacation Bible School!

Father’s Day at the beach!

Luton Family Beach Trip

The most awesome trip to Chicago!


Movie Dates!

Fourth of July!

Midkiff Family Beach Trip

MADCAP Camp and Science Camp at Church

Water park day!

Harry Potter Party


Back to school! Headed to fourth grade, second grade, and kindergarten!

Family day of service at the VEO

Scott’s Birthday!

An awesome day at the lake with friends!

Start of college football season!


Hike up Stone Mountain for Labor Day!

Fun in Monroe!

Ben’s 6th Birthday!


50’s Day!

Field trip with Ben!

More softball!

Trunk or Treat #1

Trunk or Treat #2

Happy Halloween!!


Business Boutique in Nashville!

Magnolia Marketing Group Holiday Marketplace!

Thanksgiving Feasts!

Ben’s Thanksgiving Program

Thanksgiving at Disney World!!

Seeing Santa at Disney!


Christmas party with Santa!

Gracie’s first solo at the Glee Club Christmas Concert!

MMG celebrating 2018!

Fun day at the Gladiators Hockey game!

Brantley’s Christmas Chorus Concert

Brantley and Mama’s night with the Young Singers!

Christmas shopping date!

Be Joyful 🙂

Christmas Eve service at Church

Christmas Morning!

It’s been a great year. The last few days of 2018 will be spent relaxing, playing around the house, and watching Clemson play tomorrow before our annual VFNYEP (Very Fancy New Years Eve Party :))! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the last little bit of the holiday season!

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