Happy New Year! + My Word of the Year

Happy New Year! Welcome 2019!! I hope you had a wonderful evening bringing in the New Year like we did (on the couch, in our jammies, with some champagne :)).

I love New Years! A fresh start, new goals and plans, new intentions. A clean slate. I don’t see it as being a lot of pressure, I see it more as being a starting place for big changes. And I like change.

The past few years, I’ve picked a word for the year to focus and build on. I toggled back and forth between a few this year, but ultimately settles on the perfect one. Flourish.

Flourish, by definition, means to develop and grow in a vigorous and healthy way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment. I am ready for a year of personal growth. Of spiritual growth. Of professional growth. But the important part is that all occurs in a strong, energetic, and healthy way. And undoubtedly, in a positive environment. I am ready for changes, development, growth, and I am ready to flourish!

So, in 2019, I’m planning on more books and board games. More painted nails, more taking time to take care of myself. More exercise and water, more whole foods. More trusting my gut and not apologizing for it. More stepping out of my comfort zone, more professional confidence. More focus, less wasting time. More process and efficiency, less disorganization. More space, less clutter. More positivity and less toxicity. More faith, less worry. I’m ready to flourish.

Do you have a word for 2019? Big plans? Resolutions? Or is it too much pressure?

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