The Sweet Spot of Parenting

Happy NOVEMBER! Can you even believe there’s only two months left in 2018??  Blows. My. Mind. 

After 3 Trunk/Trick or Treats, 4 different costumes for 4 different occasions for each of the 3 kids, and 9,734 pieces of candy, I am happy to be through Halloween and on the other side!  I really do love Halloween; I have such fond memories of counting down the days to dressing up and going door to door in search of my favorite candies (Snickers and Kit Kats), and then organizing it all once we got home.  But we went out ONCE!  One costume, one night, one bag of candy.  I am over Halloween at this point and ready to have all this candy out of my sight and out of my house so I don’t eat anymore!!! But, it WAS fun while it lasted. 🙂

The kids picked out their own costumes again this year, which was just fine with me.  Brantley wanted to be Evie from the Descendants, Gracie was a baby deer, and Ben was the Hulk.  I thought their costumes ended up so cute!!

Lately, the kids have been at each others’ throats (#sugarhigh) and were acting ugly towards each other (and me) yesterday, so as soon as they got home yesterday, I made them go straight to their rooms and make sure they cleaned them spic and span (PS-I do the same thing on Christmas Eve.  Did you know that Santa won’t come into houses with dirty bedrooms??  It’s true :)).  I went upstairs to check on the girls, fully expecting to find them watching tv amidst the trash and dirty clothes, but they were sitting on their made beds in their clean room, just talking!  Let me just say it never happens like that, but they did a great job, and it made for a much more fun evening!  

I was so proud to watch the kids run up to each front door, as Scott and I watched from the driveway, as they said “trick or treat!” accepted their treats, said “thank you and Happy Halloween!” then returned to us via the sidewalks, regardless of how much more convenient cutting through the grass would be.  I think it’s true about what I’ve heard, and what I’ve read, we’re hitting the sweet spot of parenting.

The kids are old enough to be independent- they can dress themselves, feed themselves, they can read and play their own games.  They don’t really need me like they used to, but they still want to need me.  I’m still cool and fun to hang out with.  They are fun and smart and easy to talk to and reason with. We have the best of both worlds right now- they are very capable of doing so much on their own, but still love mom and dad the best.  

One of Scott’s old colleagues used to say, “Small kids, small problems. Big kids, big problems.” And I think that’s definitely true in a lot of ways. Luckily, we’re still in the “small kids” zone, but I know it won’t be like this for too much longer.  Each of the kids already gives us heavy doses of sass on a regular basis, but for now, as long as it’s still okay for me to wait for them in the driveways on Halloween, I’ll take it.

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