Lutons Lately + Weekly Meal Plan

Hello friends!  Sorry for the unexpected week off- we had a QUITE a week FULL without a minute to spare to blog.  But I’m going to try to make up for it, and am sharing what’s been going on today with another Lutons Lately post!

  • School is going great (except the getting up early again part :))!  Brantley is loving fourth grade and joined chorus, Grayson is in second grade and has a new crush every day, and Bennett INSISTS that we practice his sight words for kindergarten after school every. single. day. I visited him in his class on Friday where they had a tailgating party to kick off football season and the long weekend!  He was so proud showing me around his classroom and was so, so sweet. 
  • Last week was curriculum night at the school, but we decided to skip it and go out for bowling and the arcade!  We were invited to a big joint birthday party for Scott and several of his business colleagues, and chose a family night over school (for maybe the first time ever).  But I tell you one thing- it was the greatest break from work and responsibility and we had a BLAST.  We played skee ball, air hockey, space invaders, you name it, we played it!  We laughed and had fun for an evening, during a really busy week.  And it made me want to remember to do that more often.
  • Ben is loving flag football!  He has already improved so much in just a few weeks, and is just so doggone cute running out there on the field.  He plays through our church league, and plays with kindergarten, first, and second grade boys.  Scott is helping coach, and they are just precious.  They call each other “dude” and give high fives, and all the little boys are just too cute as they learn the game.  It’s a bit like herding cats, but just the cutest little cats ever.
  • Last weekend we took the kids to the VEO to volunteer for a day of service.  It’s a wonderful organization that helps homeless veterans off the streets of Atlanta, and we’ve been going for quite a while every now and then when we can help out.  The kids and I manned the registration table and then made lunch for all the volunteers and the residents.  Honestly, each and every time we’ve taken the kids to volunteer with us, they help out, but they also complain and yell and get in the way, and I always think to myself that maybe we shouldn’t have brought them.  Maybe they are getting in the way and we should just stay home and let Scott do the volunteering for now.  But then I had several people come up to me, and THANK me for bringing the kids.  They didn’t complain that they were running around when the volunteers were listening to directions, but they thanked me and told me how much JOY the kids brought. Not only are the kids being exposed to the importance of giving back and volunteering, but the kids actually bring a lightness and a normalcy to the lives of the veterans living at the VEO.  That made me feel so much better and so proud that the kids were there with us and helping out.  
  • After four and a half years of being added to the Luton family, I think Dolly finally likes us!  Dolly has been wary of Scott since Day 1, but we have worked hard over the past few months to gain her trust and I think it’s FINALLY working.  Scott and I put her between us on the sofa every single night as we watch tv and work on our computers, and feed her little treats and snuggle, but mainly just let her sit with us.  We used to have to go into the playroom (where her crate is) and bring her into the den, but now we can call for her and she’ll come into the den and hop up on the sofa!  Months ago, she would actually leave the room and go get into her crate if Scott came into the same room she was in.  So her actually coming into the den and sitting with him is basically a miracle!  She sleeps with us most nights- right at the top of the bed across our pillows, snuggled right in.  She’s a good, sweet, girl, and I’m just glad she’s coming around to the fact that we don’t want to hurt her and just want to love her!  Now to decide if we want another one…
  • We were invited up to Lake Allatoona last weekend for a day on our friends boat and we had a blast!  The kids had gone out with my in laws on their boat a few weeks before school started back, but I haven’t been tubing in years… and we had so much fun!  It couldn’t have been a prettier day, and we were all WORN OUT when we got home!


Fall is a SUPER busy time for us, especially in the evenings after school.  Flag football on Mondays, softball and gymnastics on Tuesdays, church on Wednesdays, and Thursdays and Fridays we are just trying to catch up!  So the most important thing when it comes to meal planning our dinners right now, is that they’re FAST, EASY, and UNCOMPLICATED. I start cooking just as soon as I get home from picking the kids up from school so we can eat before we head to practice or whatever activity, and I just want to get a meal on the table- this season is not the time to be stretching my culinary skills!  So, here’s what I’ve got planned for this week for dinners:

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!

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