Friday Favorites

Hello friends!  Hope you’ve had a big week and are looking forward to the weekend as much as me!  Scott flies out to Chicago today so it’s me and the kids for the weekend.  Planning on lots of tv, snacks for meals, and wearing jammies all day, haha! Sharing a few of my favorites on this lovely Friday.  Have a good one!

Better Call Saul
We watched Breaking Bad years ago, and just started watching the prequel, Better Call Saul, and we are obsessed with it!  Bob Odenkirk, that plays Jimmy/Saul, is SO GOOD and the show is a drama, but he is so funny too! It’s an easy show to binge with 3 seasons on Netflix (season 4 is currently on AMC), and definitely one of the best shows on tv!

Spaghetti with Garlic Fried Eggs and Parmesan
I made this super easy dish for dinner a few weeks back and again for lunch last week.  It’s the greatest because I had everything I needed in the pantry or fridge without having to make a run to the store for a single ingredient!  The kids LOVED it and we’ll probably make it again this weekend. Check out the recipe here!

Dr. Death Podcast
HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THIS PODCAST?? If not, subscribe right now and start listening.  It is equal parts captivating and terrifying , about a neurosurgeon in Dallas (only in the last ten years!!) that left a string of patients dead, and/or permanently injured due to his botched surgeries.  As if that alone wasn’t scary enough, a team of doctors that finally figured out what he was doing, found it next to impossible to prevent him from continuing to inflict harm on more and more innocent people.  It’s only 6 episodes, so totally doable in a few days, and 100% worth it.  But, if you have an upcoming surgery scheduled, wait to listen until you’re good and recovered!

Animal Print Mid-Boots
Dying over the cutest animal print boots that are less than $20!!!  I grabbed these with dreams of black leggings and a black tunic with these bad boys, or even cuffed jeans, a white tee and black cardigan or blazer.  They have a great block heel that gives height without being uncomfortable, and will be perfect for fall!

That’s all I’ve got for today, friends!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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