Friday Favorites

Hello my friends!  I hope you have had a wonderful week.  We are wrapping up our first FULL week of school, and I think we are all exhausted!  Again!  We had flag football, gymnastics, softball, choir, I joined a gym, went to the dentist, and a TOTALLY PACKED work schedule that made for a busy, busy week.  But luckily we only have a few easy obligations this weekend and can chill out, regroup, and get some laundry put away (FINALLY).

I have a new set of just a couple favorites that I’m sharing today for FRIDAY Favorites (see the last two weeks here and here)!  Check it out…

Thai Chopped Salad with Peanut Butter Dressing

Chopped Thai Salad with Peanut Butter Dressing
I love big, fresh, chopped salads for dinner while it’s still so hot out for dinner.  I made this one last week and it was so delicious.  The peanut butter dressing alone is so good and I could eat it on just about anything!  We shredded a rotisserie chicken and added it to the salad to make it a complete dinner, and it was perfect.  I could eat it every week.

The RFK Tapes Podcast
I am on a roll finding great, new podcasts!  If you are interested in politics, history, true crime, conspiracy theories, and/or any combination of the above, The RFK Tapes is a really interesting look at the assassination of Bobby Kennedy and all the theories behind who killed him and why he was killed.  After listening to the Cover-Up Podcast and watching Chappaquiddick I feel like I’m on a real Kennedy kick right now, but it’s just very fascinating to me.  Definitely a good listen!

Bug Bite Essential Oil Blend
My poor kiddos get eaten up by mosquitoes when they play in our backyard.  They were out over the weekend, and poor Gracie came in just covered in welts from bites and was itchy from head to toe.  I needed a remedy quickly (since I wasn’t thinking to make a bug-repellant spray), and grabbed my oils and searched through Pinterest!  I came across the recipe above and made a quick roller ball to apply to her bug bites.  She was relieved of the itch almost immediately, and the welts started to go down!  So glad to have a natural and effective solution for the kids.

I hope you all have such a wonderful weekend!  See you Monday!

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