Amazon Swim Suit Reviews + Four Tips for Online Swim Suit Shopping

So, I needed to buy some new swimsuits this year.  It was a couple of years overdue, since when I pulled them out this season, they were either stretched out, faded, or just outdated.  It was time to go swimsuit shopping.  Womp-wahhhhhhhh.

I LOVE shopping.  I do NOT love swimsuit shopping.  Oh, the days when I could run into Target and pull any old suit off the rack, and not even need to try it on!  I’m sure I’m not alone in stating the fact that it’s not quite that easy anymore, ha!

A few of my friends have had great luck with swimsuits from Cupshe (you’ve probably seen them advertised on Facebook), but I waited too late to order directly from them.  Then I discovered a great selection of Cupshe and a wide variety of other suits on Amazon all for less than $30 and all with prime shipping!!  So, I had a fun little shopping spree session, ordering a bunch of suits hoping that I could at least find a few.  And find, I did!!  And I didn’t even have to deal with bad fitting room lighting!

There were some hits and some misses, and I thought I’d share the suits and a few of my favorites!  But first, a few tips for ordering swimsuits online:

  • Read the reviews. You can get great info about how the suits really look from the women that have ordered them already!  Is the suit true to size?  Is the pink more coral or more neon?  The folks writing reviews aren’t trying to sell the suit and give honest feedback that can be really helpful when you’re trying to decide if the suit will work for you.
  • Read the Return Policy.  A lot of items on Amazon have free returns, so just make sure that the suits you purchase DO so that if it doesn’t fit, you can send it back for free and get a refund.
  • Look at the BRAND size chart.  Amazon has their default size charts, but they are not standard across ALLL the brands they sell.  Often times the brand will provide their own size charts with measurements to compare yourself to.  And lastly…
  • Trust those size charts!  A lot of the swimsuits on Amazon are made in China, and Asian sizing is considerably different than American sizing!!  Often times I have to order at least one or two sizes larger if I’m ordering a suit from Amazon, but as long as I order whichever size the size chart recommended based on my measurements, it was right on!

Now onto the suits!

This was one of my favorites!!  I love the floral print peplum tankini and though it looks like a halter in the picture, the straps are actually like bra straps and then there are two more straps that tie across the back.    I also LOVE the mix and match look with the striped bottoms, which are high waisted and helped suck everything in.  I might even order this one in a few of the other colors I like it so much.  Plus, it’s just $26.99!!  PS- I ordered two sizes bigger than I normally would have, based on the sizing chart.  And it was right on.  Floral Print Tankini

This one was SO CUTE but didn’t work.  Way too low cut and exposed a bit more than I’d like to reveal for this mama!  It actually looked the cheapest of the lot (but it still wasn’t bad at all), but 15 years ago, I totally would’ve kept it! Deep V Pattern Swimsuit 

Another really cute suit that didn’t work for me.  I have this fun proportion issue where I am short (5’3″) with short legs and a long torso.  Petite sizes should work for me height-wise but never do, and oftentimes one-piece bathing suits are not long enough for me, pull too much, and don’t fit comfortably.  That was the sad case for this suit.  The print is really cute and a great quality suit, but it was just too short for me.  Such a bummer!!  Another swimwear tip— small prints are great for camouflaging bumps and rolls you may want disguised!  This suit would be perfect for camoflage! Ikat Print Halter Bathing Suit

Super cute suit, but the scallops didn’t lay well and was cut really low on the sides for lots of side-boob action(I tried it out despite the side-boob warnings in the reviews!).  Not a great look if you have to chase kids.  Or even if you don’t, ha!  Black Scalloped Halter Swimsuit

Another winner!!!  A friend of mine has this suit and suggested I get it too because it is a DEAL at $26.99 and feels much more expensive.  It is thick material and a sturdy swim knit so it sucks you in really well.  And the elastic around the shoulders is strong and keeps the suit up really, really well.  I was a little nervous I would feel like it was falling off all day, but that wasn’t the case at all.  Another favorite.  Black Magic Off the Shoulder One Piece Swim Suit

Another curse of the long torso!!  I almost kept this one anyway because it was SO CUTE, but I just knew I’d be uncomfortable and pulling and readjusting all day.  And it was a *bit* low cut, but I would’ve been okay with that if it had fit better in the torso.  But the print is so cute and I love how unique it is.  You could almost even wear it like a bodysuit and put a skirt on over it and wear it as a shirt!  Deep V Ruffle Shoulder Bathing Suit

I was SO SAD this one didn’t work because it was SO, SO CUTE.  Again, same problem, it was just too short for my long torso.   But the palm print and subtle cutouts along the neckline and waist are so cute and make it seem more expensive than just $26.99!  In the Forest One Piece Bathing Suit

LOVE LOVE LOVE this suit!!  This one didn’t get to me in time to take to the beach a few weeks ago, but will be going with me in a week!  The stripes are so flattering (skinny stripes camouflage like small prints do) and the ruffled one shoulder neckline will be a bit funny for tan lines, but it’s just so cute!  It also has a cute cut out in the back as a bonus.  And you cannot beat $21.98! Striped Ruffle One Shoulder Swim Suit

I should have listened to the reviews on this one… it was the only one I was really disappointed with!  Mainly because I LOVE it and wanted it to work so badly, but it was just not well made, didn’t fit (or look)like the picture at all, and just looked cheap.  JUST LIKE ALL THOSE LADIES SAID IN THE REVIEWS! Hated to send this one back, but it just didn’t work.  Floral Printed Tankini Set 

So, this suit is SUPER CUTE.  And it fit!  But with the tie-dye and the straps and the cutouts, it was just too much and I just looked like I was trying WAAAAAAY too hard to be cute and cool.  I looked at myself in the mirror and laughed!  I returned it because I found some others that I liked better, but it was cute!  Tie Dye Cut Out One Piece Swim Suit

I had the opposite problem with this navy tankini that I did with the tie-dye suit; this one was just not enough!  I loved the color, but the weave of the tankini was subtle and not very noticeable.  The tankini was swingy but too big and unflattering.  I actually think a size down might have worked, but it was just a bit boring. Gray Woven Tankini Set 

Another great suit!!  Clearly the ruffle swim suit trend is working for me, because I love this suit too.  It also didn’t get here in time for the first beach trip but will make it for the second one!  The suit itself is simple, and good quality material, and flattering on.  The color is so pretty and will be perfect for the beach.  Pink Ruffle One Shoulder Swim Suit 

Which are your favorites?  Have you had luck ordering swim suits on Amazon?

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