Prime Day Picks

Hello, my friends!  Happy Tuesday!  I am back after our last beach trip of the summer (post to come later this week!) and have about 9000 things on my to-do list (who’s with me??).   School starts back in TWO AND A HALF WEEKS (OMG!!!!) and I have some serious shopping that needs to be done.

And there’s nothing like perfect timing- Amazon’s PRIME DAY started yesterday!  Amazon is offering awesome deals and perhaps by waiting until today, I’ve avoided site crashes and long waits that plagued visitors yesterday. I am not one to miss out on a good deal, so I’m going to try it out today!  Especially when we’re talking back to school!  Today I’m sharing what I’ll be shopping for on Prime Day, back to school stuff and otherwise.  Hoping for some good deals!

External Hard Drives may seem pretty lame, but when your computer crashes, you’ll thank yourself over and over that you bought one and backed up all your files!  Grab this one in three different sizes.

I have finally mastered curling my short(er) hair with a curling iron.  But I think the curling wands actually hold the curl so much longer!  I have a 1-1/2″ wand, but think this 1 1/2-1″ barrel will be a bit better.

Be the favorite mom to your kids’ teachers by buying a few of these 12-pack sharpies for the first day of school!

I won’t be shopping for one since I already have one, but if you don’t have an Instant Pot, you need to get one NOW!  Such an awesome price for the 6-quart pot that I use and love.

I’ve loved these New Balance’s forever, and they’re 30% off!

Since we’ve been watching all the Harry Potter movies this summer, I want to get the kids the entire set!  Might just save this for Christmas!

What will YOU be shopping for this Prime Day?

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