Luton + Midkiff Beach Trip 2018: Port St. Joe

We spent last week in Port St. Joe, Florida with my side of the family for our second (and final) beach vacation of the summer.  We ate, we drank, the kids played, and we had a great time.  Here’s oh, just a few picks of our sunny week on the Gulf!

On our way down, we stopped in Dothan, Alabama at Hunt’s Fish Camp for some shrimp, fish, oysters, and scallops before we ate more shrimp, fish, oysters, and scallops once we got to the beach.  The kids were so excited to see each other!

Two more hours, and we were at the beach!

Midkiff/Luton Beach Trip 2018, sponsored by Grandaddy Mimm’s Moonshine Distillery
(dad is their new distillery manager, ha!)

We got takeout the first night and this fried fish sandwich was delicious.  Dad played bartender for the night (and the whole week) and I’ve never drunk so much moonshine in my entire life combined as I did last week.  But TRUTHFULLY, it was SO GOOD and 90% of the time you couldn’t even taste it.  Awesome and dangerous.

On Day 1, we caught crabs (and threw them back), we played baseball, and we swam in the ocean ALL DAY.  Repeat times 6, and that’s a pretty accurate snapshot of our whole week!

After a long first day on the beach, Scott and I cooked dinner.  He grilled steak and I made a roasted vegetable and couscous salad, marinated tomatoes, roasted shrimp, and blackened mahi.

Day 2

We played the funniest game one night- it’s like catch phrase, but you passed the cellphone around and put it to your head, and everyone had to give you clues to guess the word.  We never really played family games growing up, but this was SO FUN to play with my parents, brother, and sister in law.  We’ve never laughed so hard!

On Day 3 we had another fun day at the beach, and then we went to Indian Pass Raw Bar, which is one of only a few restaurants in the area.  It had a huge outdoor seating area with live music, and an honor system for beer- you just go straight to the fridge yourself and grab what you need, and write it down to give to your server when you get seated!  The menu is very simple and the seafood was AMAZING.  And we waited 2 hours, so it was a good thing it WAS so good!

On Day 4 we took a morning break from the beach and went into Port St. Joe!  Honestly, there’s not much to it, but we still had fun!  Gracie found her bar, the girls found their restaurant, and I found some awesome fish tacos!

We started out Day 5 on the porch taking family photos!  We wanted to do it first thing in the morning while everyone was awake and well fed, and it went off without a hitch.

And Day 6 we were back on the beach for our last full day!

And that was that!  We had a wonderful time in an awesome house and enjoyed the week so much.  Until next year!

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