In My Shopping Cart: Back to School

The highs are in the 80’s for the first week of school, but we still went shopping for back to school clothes!  It’s one of my favorite annual traditions, and though we were buying shorts and sandals instead of jeans and sweatshirts, I’ve been on the lookout for pieces the kids can wear comfortably now while it’s still hot and also a few things to save for later,   once it (finally) cools off.

Brantley, as she says herself, is my “sporty girl.”  I wouldn’t necessarily call her a tomboy, but she has certainly developed a more casual, comfortable, laid-back style that she has fully embraced and is very proud of!  Here are her back to school picks (that, of course, she picked out all herself):

High Top Red Converse 

Lead Like a Girl Tee Shirt in her favorite color 🙂

Cut-Off Jean Shorts

Mint Glitter Backpack (“withOUT my name on it, Mom.”)


Gracie is much more my girlie girl.  She loves dresses, and earrings, and curling her hair, and SHOPPING!  Here are Gracie’s picks:

Flutter Sleeve Embroidered Dress

Rainbow Sweatshirt

Unicorn Change Purse

Silver Kitty Cat Ballet Flats


Bennett is all-American and ALL BOY.  The child needs durable clothes because he can wear a hole in a pair of jeans in a week (something the girls have NEVER done)!!  Here are Ben’s picks:

New Balance Tennis Shoes

Dinosaur Sweatshirt

Monster Jeans

Striped Tee Shirts

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