Friday Favorites

TGIF!  But actually, it’s more like ISIF (I’m Sad It’s Friday) because the kids go back to school next week.  Though I AM looking forward to more structure and routine, and the kids are SO EXCITED about going back to school, I just can’t help but be a sappy sentimental mom, just in disbelief that the kids are growing up so fast.

BUT… let’s not get into all that quite yet!  Today I thought I’d bring back an old post series and share my Friday Favorites from this week!

Scott and I watched this movie over the weekend, and it was so good!  It’s the true story about Ted Kennedy and the accident in 1969 that took the life of a Kennedy campaign worker, Mary Jo Kopechne.  I really didn’t know a lot about the tragic event other that it’s been shrouded in mystery ever since it occurred.  But the movie is really good and very fascinating.  And in fact, the story is so fascinating…

Cover-up Podcast
…that I wanted to listen to the podcast about the event too!  When I was on iTunes looking for a new podcast and saw this, it was perfect timing!  The podcast goes into even more detail of the event, all the people involved, all the rumors and contradictions, and the fact that the Kennedy machine was (is?) a REAL thing and all the effort that was put into covering up the whole thing.  If you like history, politics, true crime, or a combination of all of them, then you should give this a listen!

Tomato Pie
Favorite new recipe for fresh summer tomatoes was this Tomato Pie that I made Wednesday night for dinner.  It was really easy, only a few ingredients, and everyone was happy.  Both Ben and Scott cleaned their plates and asked for seconds!  Check out the recipe here.

Three-Tiered Rolling Cart
I bought this cart in mint from Ikea years ago and still use it in my sewing room, but I saw the same exact cart at Wal Mart last earlier this week!  I had to snatch one up in black (and will probably go back and get at least one or two more- but don’t buy it online, it’s only $29 in store!) and I’ll show you next week what I’m using it for!

Childer’s Park Dog Park
Our favorite easy outing this week was taking Dolly to the new dog park the city of Monroe just finished building!  We were planning on going to a water park until I realized the kids’ puddle jumpers were in Scott’s car and I was NOT about to navigate a water park with all three kids without them.  So instead, we took Dolly to the dog park and she loved it!  Getting her there was a bit tricky- she has a tendency to suffer from, ahem, motion sickness, but Brantley kept her cool and calm in the back seat (with towels and a blanket down just in case) and we made it to the park with no incidents.  When we got inside the park, Dolly just kind of trotted around, tail just a waggin’, as she explored the place.  The kids ran around with her and threw a ball with her, and though we had no other canine companions, we all had a fun time!


We’re planning for a pretty tame weekend and finishing up some last minute errands and chores before school starts on Wednesday.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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