Luton Beach Trip 2018- Murrell’s Inlet

Hello my friends!!!  I have been absent from the blog the past week because we took our first beach trip of the summer with our Luton side of the family last week, and then a quick (but awesome) working trip to Chicago this past weekend!  I am still unpacking, still getting settled back in, and still readjusting, but I wanted to share a bit about our beach trip today.  Follow along if you’d like!

We left last Saturday mid-morning for Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina, which is just a stone’s throw from Myrtle Beach.  We had a nice house right on the beach that housed the eight adults and nine kiddos for the week.  Of course, once we arrived, the kids wanted to head right out to the beach with their cousins!  They jumped in the water fully clothed before they came running back to the house to get on their swimsuits!

Sunday morning was Father’s Day, so we celebrated the dads, and then headed to the beach!  We had really, really wonderful weather while we were there- the days were HOT, but there was a pretty nice breeze on the beach which made it bearable.  The kids made it bearable by staying in the water all day every day!!  All three of them boogie boarded, jumped through the waves, played in the sand, and stayed busy the whole live-long day each day.  They each got a little pink because I couldn’t keep enough sunscreen on them and on them long enough before it washed off after being in the water so long!  But they loved it and played with each other and with their cousins so much, and had so much fun.  I got in the water a couple of times and they loved that too.

Sunday was our night to cook, and we took advantage of the amazing seafood from a local market.  Scott grilled some steaks, and I made roasted shrimp, and pan sauteed mahi mahi and blackened flounder.  For the sides, I made Scott’s grandmother’s potato salad, butter beans, and steamed corn.  It was quite a feast!

Monday was back on the beach for the ladies and the kids while the menfolk went golfing.  Those kids stayed in the water and played games, and we ate sandwiches (and leftover shrimp!) on the beach and soaked up every minute of sun that we could.

More of the same on Tuesday, and we took family pictures on Tuesday evening.  Getting a good photo of the kids with Nana and Pop was a bit like herding cats, but we were all shocked to see the greatest photo of the whole lot, taken with my sister in law’s iphone on the timer!  Everyone looking and everyone smiling?  Sounds like a win to me!

Wednesday was our last beach day, since we had to leave on Thursday morning.  But we made the most of it, staying out again all day and hanging out with family!  We made dinner again, and went with the delicious, fresh seafood again.  I broiled crab legs, roasted shrimp, and Scott grilled more mahi mahi.  I steamed corn, made a tomato, onion, and cucumber salad, and grits.  I cannot get enough fresh seafood when we’re at the beach, and the kids enjoyed their first taste of fresh crab legs!

After popsicles on Wednesday night, we started packing things up.  It was a shorter trip than in years past, but as the kids gets older and a little more independent, these beach trips are actually feeling more like actual vacations than hard mommy work!  We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with our family!!


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