Happy Birthday, Brantley Girl!

Nine years ago today, we were blessed beyond belief as Miss Brantley Parrish entered this world and made me a mother.  She has grown and changed and challenges me daily, and I couldn’t possibly be more proud of her.  She is a natural born leader and a first-born through and through.  She is smart, loyal, helpful, creative, brave, independent, athletic, head-strong, respectful, stubborn, and challenging, and 100% just. like. me.  She makes crazy some days, but when I think about her answers to my questions, her actions and reactions on a regular basis, my Brantley girl does what she wants, and she does it her way.  Just like her mama. 🙂  Happy Birthday, my biggest girl!  You keep doing things your way, just quit growing up so quickly.

Things we have learned from Brantley:

If people aren’t willing to help you get what you want, just do it yourself.

Don’t underestimate the little guy (or gal)!

If you’re a good friend, you’ll have lots of good friends.

You’ll never know if you like something, or what you might be missing out on, if you don’t try it.

If you want to get your way, try making a deal. Tit for tat.  A quid pro quo. 🙂

If you want to learn more, ask questions.

Your kids are always watching you.  Be careful how you act and what you say, because they too will do it and say it.

A big, friendly smile can get you a long way.

Pick your battles. 🙂

I took a little video of the Brantley girl this morning to commemorate the start of her 9th year.  Her reaction to going shopping is priceless…

We love you dearly, Brantley!!  Happy 9th Birthday, my girl, we hope you have the most wonderful day!!

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