Easy Summer Sangria

easy summer sangria

I am a red wine girl.  It’s my favorite thing to drink, but when it begins to get warmer out, I have to make the switch over to white wine, because I can’t bear to drink room temp red wine when it’s 90 degrees out.

Unless it’s SANGRIA!

And then you can throw in a couple ice cubes, some fruit juice, and enjoy chilled red wine with a bit of sweetness.  The perfect summer drink.  But who has the time to mix up red wine and tons of fruit and sugar and everything that comes along with traditional sangria??  I’m not a high-maintenance alcohol kind of a gal- I don’t want a lot of steps or ingredients to make a cocktail for the evening.  So I made a shortcut sangria a few weeks back, and it was surprisingly good and definitely easy!  You only need three ingredients!

easy summer sangria

All you need is your favorite red wine (doesn’t have to be a cab, just use whatever you like!), a can of Blood Orange Sanpelligrino, and an orange!

Put a few ice cubes into your wine glass, and add one part wine and one part Sanpellegrino.  The way I pour, you can get about two drinks out of one can of Sanpellegrino.  Slice up your orange and add a slice to your glass and a slice on the rim.  Consume while fixing dinner, or hanging out on the deck, or on the beach, or anywhere a satisfying summer cocktail is required!  Enjoy!

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