Brantley and Grayson’s Spa Slumber Party

On Friday night, we hosted sixteen 7, 8, and 9-year-old girls for a spa slumber party to celebrate Brantley and Grayson’s birthdays.  Since their birthdays are less than a month apart, they’ve been sharing a birthday party- their choice- for years!  The girls were really excited about their spa theme, and I was just interested in keeping it as simple and low maintenance as possible, ha!

I found the invitations and printables on etsy, and was able to customize them myself with the girls’ names.  In addition to a couple of pom pom and tassel garlands, the printable banners and signs comprised the party decor!  We kept the food simple too.  I asked the girls what they wanted to have and that’s how we created the menu- no over planning as is my typical MO, haha!  They wanted pizza for dinner, so I picked up (too many) Little Caesars pizzas for dinner.  Grayson wanted a fruit tray with fruit dip, Brantley wanted chips & salsa and an apple, pretzel, and cheese tray, so those were our “spa snacks!”

I had to call in some reinforcements to help with the spa services, and we had quite the little spa stations for our party guests.  We offered manicures, pedicures, and a lovely fresh strawberry, yogurt, and honey face mask.  We painted the mask on the girls, and then they were able to go wash it off in the bathroom.  Gracie ran up to me and said, “mommy, my face is so soft!!”

After the girls were pampered, they were able to create some DIY spa products to take home with them.  I planned on really allowing the girls to make a scrub and bath salts themselves, but to make things a bit easier (and save myself from a big mess to clean up later)I went ahead and premade a sugar cookie sugar scrub and lavender bath salts.  Then the girls were able to scoop the scrub and the salts into small containers to take with them and enjoy at home.  But then they WERE able to make some kool-aide flavored lip gloss!  They mixed vaseline with kool-aide, a bit of food coloring, and a bit of edible glitter, and they LOVED it.  It was really easy, and we kept it pretty well contained.  The DIY station was a hit!

After the spa was closed, the girls changed into their jammies, played for a while, and then we sang to the birthday girls.  They opened their gifts, played a little more, and the girls actually wanted to lay down and watch some movies in the den before bed!  We watched the Greatest Showman (they all sang every word), Leap, Despicable Me 3, Trolls, and a few other things before they all finallllllllllly fell asleep.  The first round of girls were asleep right after midnight, with a few stragglers that finally fell asleep between 1-2 in the morning.  I shuffled between Ben’s room and our bedroom, making sure everyone was okay- I was just so afraid someone was going to wake up scared or not remembering where they were!  I didn’t want any of the girls to wake up and not be able to find me.  But they all were great and did so well!

Despite those late bedtimes, these girls were bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7am!!  They all played and watched tv, and ate up all the donuts in the kitchen, and had all left by 10am.  And it took me the entire. rest. of. the. day. to recover!  We laid around and watched Harry Potter and ate snacks for dinner.  We took it easy and it was such a relaxing rest of our Saturday!


A huge thank you to all our sweet party attendees for making Brantley and Grayson’s first birthday slumber party a huge hit!!  Hope you enjoyed being pampered at their party!

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