As I was compiling our family summer bucket list over the weekend, I kept thinking of a few things here and there that I’d like to do or that I’d like to get done myself.  And I thought, “you know what?  We are going to have an awesome summer with all these fun things to do together as a family.  But mama has some things to do too! I think I need my own summer bucket list!”  And with that, the #MamaSummerBucketList was born!

Just a list of a few things I’d like to get done this summer- some practical tasks, and a few fun ones too, so I can not only make this summer a productive one, but enjoyable on not just a family level, but a personal level!  Why not make our own bucket lists for the summertime?!  So here’s what I’ll be trying to mark off the list over the next few months:

Read a Book (NOT an audiobook!)
Go to a Gala
Start an Herb Garden
Make a Farm(er’s Market) to Table Meal
Date Night!
Unplug for 24 Hours
Closet Purge
Sew Three Garments for Myself
Go to Chicago
One-on-One Date with Brantley
One-on-One Date with Grayson
One-on-One Date with Bennett
Eat Fresh Seafood
Mama’s Night Out!
Go on a Hike
Make a Cheesecake
Paint the Master Bathroom
Margarita Night
Go to a Yoga Class
Make a Poke Bowl

What’s on your to-do list or mama summer bucket list??

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