Hello Friends!  IT’S SUMMMMMMMERRRRRR!!  Anyone else as excited as I am that you don’t have to struggle through morning routines for the next 2 months??!  I can drink my coffee quietly at my computer while my kiddos watch tv.  And they can even make their own breakfast now!  BEST. SUMMER. EVER!!

We had a great end to the school year and a great weekend.   On Friday, the kids all had their last day parties, and I was so proud of each of them.  Brantley got Honor Roll and the “Ray of Sunshine” award for her class and Grayson got Honor Roll, AR Award (she met all of her accelerated reading goals for the year), and the Reading Award for her class!  Couldn’t possibly have been more proud of my girls. And Ben didn’t have awards, but his teacher said so many wonderful things about him- how smart and kind he is, how he is “ALL-BOY,” and how he is going to do an amazing job next year in kindergarten.  So, SO proud of my kiddos and their successes this year.  And OMG, I now have a fourth grader, a second grader, and a kindergartener!  WHAT??!!

On Saturday we met up with some of our friends and went bowling!  Ben and I had so much fun bowling for Mother-Son Bowling night a few months ago, that I just knew the other kids would love it, and boy was I right!  Best thing is that at our Stars and Stripes Bowling Alley, you can register for the kids to bowl two games for free once a day ALL SUMMER LONG!  It really is the best deal going for the summertime.  So I registered the kids, and now they can bowl for free all summer long!  But even better- I paid $30 for an adult pass, and now up to four adults can ALSO bowl for free with the kids all summer long!!  So now anytime I want to take the kids, they can bowl for free, and if I want to bowl, I can bowl for free too!  Pretty sure we’ll be bowling at least once a week, ha!

We went to church on Sunday and had an otherwise quiet day, which was so nice.  Brantley went to spend the night with a friend, and then we picked her up on Monday as we headed to the Dacula Memorial Day Parade!

The Dacula parade is one of the only Memorial Day parades in the area, and this year was its 25th anniversary!  We’ve gone the past four or so years, and it is the perfect little Small Town, USA parade.  The rain didn’t keep us away, and we actually enjoyed it so, so much.

We relaxed the rest of the day as it rained on and off.  And were so happy to have a laid back bedtime routine since we didn’t have to get up for school Tuesday morning!!!!


Now that it’s SUMMERTIME, it’s time for our annual summer bucket list!!  This year was the best yet in creating it, since the kids helped me out!  Thought they ought to have some input as to what they wanted to do this summer, ha!  They get so excited to mark each item off the list as we complete them, and this might be the year we cross them all off!  Here’s what we’ll be doing this for #lutonsummer2018bucketlist:

Laser Show
Watch a Parade (Done! 5/29)
Bowling (Done! 5/27)
Homemade Pizza
Farmer’s Market
Watch all 8 Harry Potter Movies (we’re through #3!)
Make S’mores
Braves Game
Brantley makes dinner
Grayson makes dinner
Bennett makes dinner
Splash Pad
Go to Camp
Homemade Lemonade (Done! 5/29)
Tie Dye Shirts
Tomato Garden
Outdoor Movie
Wash the Cars
Ft Yargo Camping
Homemade Ice Cream
Ride Bikes
Pajama Day

It’s an ambitious list, but with three motivated little go-getters on my side, we might have a real chance of crossing everything off the list!  Worst case, we’ll have a great summer making lots of memories!

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