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Hi friends!  Popping in to share some of my favorite links I’ve found lately as I’ve been reading and scanning and diving through the interwebs.  So if you have some time as you’re waiting at the car dealership, or in the carpool line, or as your kids are finishing up gymnastics, here are a few links to take a look at that you might enjoy!

How to not get blisters on your feet.  Perfect for upcoming sandals weather.  Best part, I tried it and it works!

A role model, inspiration, and modern day hero.  Bravo, Captain Shults!

I think these Healthy Roasted Vegetable Dips would be delicious appetizers or even a lunch or dinner with fresh cut veggies and bread.

How to Feel Better in 5 Minutes.

Evidently, I’m a psychopath with well-moderated blood sugar.

The gift of the good-enough mother.  “Children need their mother to fail them in tolerable ways on a regular basis so they can learn to live in an imperfect world.”

Great ideas for May Dinners 

‘I was happiest riding Jake on the beach.’ Heartbreaking responses from children with terminal illnesses when asked what they enjoyed in life and what gave it meaning.

I think I’ve posted this before, but it’s so good, and bears repeating. 100 Rules of Dinner.

Need something new to watch?  Here are 18 Documentaries that Have Shocking Endings.  I’ve watched 1, 9, 14, and 17, and then we watched #16, talhotblond, a few weeks ago.  All are really, really good, and WHOA, the twist on talhotblond was definitely unexpected.  Highly recommend!

GREAT ideas for a fun spring happy hour!





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